Faith in an
Anxious World:
A 4-Week High School Curriculum

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Today’s young people are anxious.
Teach them they’re not alone.

Why do we need to talk about anxiety?

Anxiety and depression are on the rise, dominating the ways young people talk about their generation. While leaders and parents are becoming more aware of these problems, we often aren’t sure how to respond.

Why do we need to talk about anxiety in youth group?

We know that parents and church leaders may know when young people are hurting, but aren’t talking to one another about it. We designed this curriculum to help open channels of communication between young people and their peers, their parents, and the church.

How can this curriculum help?

We’re empowering you with language and tools to respond to young people in your care, making anxiety a part of conversations about discipleship and holistic, faithful living.


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“This has been a profoundly helpful journey for my students. They've really enjoyed it and have given me positive feedback after every lesson. I can see this becoming a yearly part of our teaching curriculum.”

- Garrison Hayes, Community Praise Church, Alexandria VA

Faith in an Anxious World

Faith in an Anxious World:
A 4-week High School Curriculum

This curriculum series will empower you with language and tools to respond to young people in your care, linking anxiety and depression with conversations about discipleship and faithful living.

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Faith in an Anxious World

Together your group will reflect on New Testament stories,
watch Jesus enter into anxious situations with his disciples, and explore:

Life in an anxious world.
See and name the pressure that builds in and around us.
Life in a relational world.
Build a circle of support for both good times and bad.
Life in a hurting world.
Know when our feelings become more than we can handle on our own.
Life in a hopeful world.
Recognize God at work in our anxious world.

Looking for additional resources for parents and leaders? 

Find links to the podcast, blog posts, and other helpful resources for your family and ministry.

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The Faith in an Anxious World Parenting Podcast

We’re partnering with mental health practitioners and experts to create a podcast series especially for parents. In each episode, we’ll talk with a different expert to ask some of parents’ biggest questions about young people and anxiety. Tune in to gain tools and tips to have new conversations with your teenager about anxiety and healthy living.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

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