We have several exciting projects currently in development, come look under the hood and join us as we transform the church.

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Sponsor an Urban Ministry Student

Our Urban Youth Ministry (UYM) cohorts explore pertinent issues in urban youth ministry while creating a safe space for youth workers to connect, grow and reflect. The UYM program is designed to equip youth workers with academic dialogue and practical training that enable long-term ministry. Our program is so effective that despite the frequent burnout and turnover in urban ministry, 80% of our graduates have remained in urban youth work long-term.

Sponsoring a UYM student means you are providing a passionate youth worker with the tools she or he needs to endure, thrive, and effect change in their contexts. By investing in this program, you are resourcing at-risk youth with the qualified and enthusiastic leaders they seek.

Sponsor a Cohort Church

The Fuller Youth Institute offers a cohort experience for church leaders looking to revive their church with Growing Young or their youth ministry with Sticky Faith strategies. Our Cohorts are yearlong programs offering research-based webinars, one-on-one coaching, and in-person summits.

Your sponsorship helps churches eager for this deep training be enabled to participate in our cohort experience. Churches that complete the cohort experience report that the cohort is the best training they’ve ever received as they consistently see vast improvements in the quality of their youth programs and overall congregational ministry.

Further new research

Here at FYI, we are most interested in what research can teach us about young people, church leadership, and effective parenting. Every resource we create is based on critical research involving Fuller faculty, students, and additional specialists who help frame the most pressing questions, gather data, and draw the most significant conclusions.

Supporting our research will help us continue to stay current with what churches and young people need, and then put our ideas to the test. With your partnership, we are able to find answers to today’s toughest ministry and parenting questions. 

Resource creation

Our ultimate goal at the Fuller Youth Institute is to translate academic research into practical resources. We understand that research often exists in forms that seem irrelevant and impractical, and we work to change that.

Your contributions help design books, videos, cohort experiences, and training opportunities that leverage the greatest in relevant research to equip and empower ministry leaders and parents, and pastors. Thanks to your support, these innovative resources can be distributed to ministries and households across the country.


Give to FYI