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6 Growing Young Essentials

Join the authors of Growing Young as they journey with pastors and ministry leaders to teach them how to engage younger generations in a way that breathes life and energy into the whole church. In this course you will learn how to define the six core commitments of Growing Young, identify how each core commitment might look in your context, and determine next steps to help your congregation continue its Growing Young journey.

This course includes:

  • Multimedia instruction and exercises to help you immediately apply what you learn to your everyday life
  • Access to content on multiple devices, wherever you are
  • Mid-course assessments and a final assessment where you will have the opportunity to test and demonstrate your learning
  • An opportunity to respond to and incorporate a round of feedback before your final assessment submission

Sticky Faith Innovation Online Training

Teenagers are constantly changing, and so is the world around them. Our ministry approaches need to change with them. Sticky Faith Innovation equips your team to cultivate lasting faith in teenagers and adapt your ministry to their most pressing needs.

Our 6-session, self-paced online training will guide you and your team as you compassionately listen to your young people, respond creatively with fresh ideas, and take courageous steps to implement a new, purposeful approach in your ministry.

We know innovation isn’t a one-time need. When you purchase Sticky Faith Innovation Online Team Training, you’ll be able to use the course to innovate with your team again and again. 

Becoming a Keychain Leader

Across the United States, churches are losing both members and vitality as increasing numbers of young people leave the church. Growing Young identifies six core commitments that characterize churches engaging younger generations in a way that breathes life and energy into the whole church. Becoming a Keychain Leader explores the first core commitment, showing you how to more effectively involve young people in leadership roles in your church—an essential shift for churches committed to engaging young people.

Join Kara Powell, Brad Griffin, Jake Mulder, and Zach Ellis as they journey with you in becoming a keychain leader!

Parenting in a Digital World

“Why do my kids constantly check their phones?”

“If mom’s on her phone, I can be on mine.”

“Our son made a totally asinine decision…”

Parenting in a digital world can feel like parenting on a battlefield. The threats seem to be coming from all directions, and we don’t know the best ways to protect our families. In this course, Kara Powell and Brad Griffin give parents a clear view of the digital landscape and help them start conversations with their kids about healthy media usage.

The material includes videos, conversation starters, and downloadable resources to help you guide your family with confidence.

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