Faith in an Anxious World Parenting Podcast: Episode 4

Life in a Hopeful World

Welcome to the Faith in an Anxious World Parenting Podcast, where we have hope-filled conversations about teenagers and anxiety. This podcast is part of the parent resources for Faith in an Anxious World, a four-week high school curriculum. Whether you’re a parent or a ministry leader, listen in as we talk with mental health experts, and discover tips to have meaningful conversations with young people beyond youth group.

Tweet: Thriving is a process. It’s a journey more defined by the direction it’s growing than by actually reaching the destination.


We all feel anxious sometimes. But our lives don’t have to be marked only by anxiety. Today’s episode is all about thriving. Join us as Fuller Chaplain Dr. Kevin Doi interviews Dr. Pam King, a professor of Applied Developmental Science for Fuller’s School of Psychology, and dive deep into what thriving means and looks like for teens and young adults today.

Tweet: If we’re not authentically and genuinely thriving as adults, it’s hard to give the energy and joy that infuses our kids’ ability to thrive. This episode of the Faith in an Anxious World parent podcast shares tips that can help.

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