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You Belong Here: Two new insights from education research

Brad M. Griffin

The good news about education research these days is that there are new voices exploring not only how kids learn, but why they do or don’t succeed, and what other outcomes are connected with education.

VIA MEDIA Shoot to Kill: The Real Impact of Violent Video Games

Art Bamford

We began researching violent video games thinking they were pretty harmless, eager to find proof that would help alleviate a lot of parental anxiety. However, the more we dug into the research...

VIA MEDIA Cheat Codes: A Quick Guide to Teens and Video Games

Art Bamford

"Don’t you have anything better to do?" If you’ve ever muttered that out loud or in your head toward a teenager slothing the day away on a gaming device, the next two posts in our VIA MEDIA series are for you.