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Creating Service Opportunities that Stick

Fuller Youth Institute

Anyone who serves teenagers today knows that more and more young people are eager to make a difference in the world. When students participate in short-term missions, service, and justice causes, parents and youth leaders hope these experiences will lead to real transformation. But research shows that our efforts don’t always stick.

Short-term mission trips for long-term good

From service to relationship

Mary Glenn

I cant wait to bring Jesus to people in need.

I love students’ desire to serve and care for others. Yet this kind of posture raises all kinds of questions for me as someone facilitating a team of outsiders in my city. Questions like:

How can we help students discover ways to serve without doing harm? How can we help students discover how Jesus is already present in the city?

I encourage students to enter their week of service with the hope to share their lives and receive others in mutuality instead of trying to fix what they may think is broken.

Phantom Community: What’s the Power of Talk in a Digital Age?

Art Bamford

So often our approach in churches, particularly in youth ministry, is to grasp at the latest trends in an attempt to be relevant. But what seems abundantly clear in Reclaiming Conversation is that today’s young people are searching and yearning for something radically countercultural against their world of phantom community. They want to feel and experience true community for themselves.