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3 Parenting Questions for Steve Argue

This week I’m so pleased to ask our dear FYI friend Dr. Steve Argue three questions. I’d really like to ask him about 20, but we’ll stick with three for now. Steve is a pastor and theologian in residence at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is a Sticky Faith speaker, trainer, and our Cohort Coaching Director. Together with his wife Jen, Steve is the parent of three adolescent and emerging adult daughters. 


Parent Survival Tips for Navigating Prom Invitations


Teenagers everywhere are beginning to think about who they will ask to prom. Guest contributor Matt Overton has seven great ways parents and mentors can help students through asking, or being asked to this spring's prom.

Naming and Navigating Depression in the Lives of Teenagers

Rhett Smith

How do I know if he’s depressed or if this is just normal teenage behavior?

Am I going to miss something crucial in their mental health which could lead to serious consequences?