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Rediscovering Grace: Opportunities and Challenges in Asian American Youth Ministry

Sticky Faith in Asian American Contexts

Mike Park

If a non-Asian youth leader walked into almost any Asian American youth ministry in America, it might feel fairly familiar. 

If that leader was you, you would likely recognize the songs, maybe play an icebreaker game you’ve played before, and hear a message from a youth pastor who attends the same leadership conferences that you do. You would break up into small groups and hear questions and conversations from students who largely speak and act just like the students in your church. 

The one main difference is that these students and their families happen to be Asian Americans. And the question is, does that make a big difference in how we think about and do youth ministry with these specific young people?

Do older people really want young people in church?

The surprising truth about intergenerational congregations

Brad M. Griffin

Lately we have been sharing about our work at the Fuller Youth Institute over the past few years studying churches growing young—remarkable bright spots in the midst of a gloomy national church landscape. 

Meet the churches young people are loving (and not leaving)

Jake Mulder

Growing Young began with some ambitious questions.

What can churches do to become more effective with young people? Who and where are the most innovative congregations in the country when it comes to engaging young people well? How might we learn more about them