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5 Ways Catholic Leaders Win at Social Media

Art Bamford

Recently Fast Company featured an article titled “Blogging Nuns, Tweeting Monks, And The Catholic Church’s Digital Revolution” that examines a “movement sweeping the Catholic world: monks, nuns, everyday people of faith, and, most famously, the Pope (@Pontifex) himself, are embracing digital media.” What is it about recent Catholic social media strategies that have been so effective in reaching out?

3 Parenting Questions for Kristen Ivy

Kara Powell

This week we hear from author, mom, and ministry leader Kristen Ivy. Kristen serves as the Executive Director of Messaging at Orange, blogs at, and and is the co-author of Playing for Keeps. With her husband Matt, she parents two preschoolers in the Atlanta area.

Come create a Sticky Faith Culture with us. Join our next Cohort

Brad M. Griffin

When someone asks me that question, I can’t help but feel like responding, “How much time do you have to talk?” This past week the FYI team welcomed our Sticky Faith Cohort church teams here in Pasadena, and if we could have piped you into that gathering, you’d get a real sense for the energy and ideas that bounce around like sparks in a roaring campfire.