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Show and Tell: Using Media to Co-Create with Young People

Art Bamford

In FYI’s recent interview with digital media expert danah boyd, she advised church leaders to “focus on creating media that teens can appropriate, remix, or otherwise engage in and see what clicks…Work with youth to co-create this stuff. That is the core of authenticity for them.” Boyd’s suggestion seems easy enough, but it raises two important questions: Why is co-creating media “the core of authenticity” for young people? What are some ways that leaders can use collaborative media projects?

A Cell Phone Contract to Help Build Sticky Faith

Kara Powell

Dan and Denise’s fourteen-year-old son has two cell phone contracts: one with his cell phone carrier and one with them. In order to clarify their family’s cell phone expectations and protocol, Dan and Denise printed the following guidelines and had their son...

Refusing to Ignore Teenagers with Special Needs

Five Ideas for Inclusion

Amy Fenton Lee

Admirably, John’s parents were committed to his regular church attendance. However, John’s youth leaders silently wondered how they could include John in the student ministry environment without compromising the other students’ church experience.