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You Get What You Are

Modeling Sticky Faith

Kara Powell

One Friday afternoon, another mom and I were invited to watch a “play” that the two five-year-olds had created. In this play, there were no fairies, doggies, or princesses. The “story” revolved around my daughter playing me and giving her “daughter” a grim lecture. The other mom and I laughed (somewhat awkwardly) at the scene. But long after the other family walked down our driveway, one question sat on the front steps of my heart: Was that my daughter’s primary picture of me?

The Best Untapped Sticky Faith Resource in Your Church

Kara Powell

Every kid needs a Ruth. Every family needs a Ruth. Every church needs a Ruth. Even though I spent only a few minutes with Ruth, she permanently colored my picture of...

Adding Sticky Faith To Birthdays

Kara Powell

When Nathan turned thirteen, he didn’t just have a birthday. He had a birth-month. Dave and I wanted Nathan to know that as he officially became a teenager, he wasn’t stepping through the hallway from childhood to adolescence alone.