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Can I Ask That? Volume 2 Releases This Week

Brad M. Griffin

In Defense of God

That’s what we called our Wednesday night series on a handful of big questions students were asking in our youth ministry. Why does God seem so mad in the Old Testament? How could a good God send people to hell? It felt like a black hole of ever-gathering doubt. We thought we would teach our way out of that hole by helping students learn better answers, or at least the best answers we could come up with.

That was 1999. And while I’m sure this approach honored the questions, looking back now I wish we had done less “defending” of God and more letting God be God. More freedom to process and explore.

Less answers. More conversations.

Practical help for the ministry leader preparing couples for marriage

An interview with Relationship Experts Les and Leslie Parrott

Kara Powell

Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott are #1 New York Times best-selling authors of numerous books. Leslie, a marriage and family therapist, and Les, a psychologist, are professors and founders of the Center for Relationship Development at Seattle Pacific University.

They’ve appeared on CNN, Good Morning America, Today Show, The View, and Oprah. Read our first interview with Les and Leslie on “Relationship help for busy parents.”

FREE Webcast with Kara Powell and Dan Kimball

Engaging Difficult Questions About God and Faith

Fuller Youth Institute

As we celebrate the release of Can I Ask That? Volume 2, Join Kara Powell and Dan Kimball, pastor and author, for a FREE LIVE WEBCAST. They will be discussing the importance of engaging young people’s difficult questions about God and Faith. As eight years of Sticky Faith research on teenagers has shown, it’s not doubt or hard questions that are toxic to faith. It’s silence.   

Join us LIVE as we dive into how we can respond to the hard questions young people are asking.