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How Improv Comedy Changed How I Do Youth Ministry

Brian Nelson

A lot of times, we as youth leaders feel like we have to say exactly the right thing to students. Have you ever gotten the “You have five seconds to impress me before I check out” vibe? I have. Even with seven years of youth ministry experience, that’s intimidating. We feel like we have a short window to cover all the necessary conversational topics that are important to a student.

“My name is Dr. Richard Mouw and I’m an alcoholic.”

How to become a safe and helpful place for recovery

Matthew Schuler

One theologian says it this way: "Contrary to what people often think, the key to easing people's suffering is not in offering some insidious theodicy, but in allowing a place for people to mourn, and to meet others who know what it is to have been burned by that same black sun.  This is not about providing an answer, but rather offering a site where we can speak our suffering.  This may seem a little depressing, but such spaces are really sites of liberation and light."


Brad M. Griffin

Young people all around us are wondering if they can follow Jesus despite their uncertainty. They wonder if faith is more about getting it all right or entering a mystery. They wonder if they can trust God despite their biggest questions, and if God in fact is big enough to handle those questions.

Jesus’ response seems to be a resounding “YES.”