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Intergen Sundays

Creating a Shared Story of Language, Warmth, and Welcome of all Generations

Fuller Youth Institute

A shared story is powerful.

It creates identity, connection, and meaning between people who wouldn’t otherwise be connected.

Creating this shared story, however, can be difficult. It’s even more challenging when a community is diverse and this story is meant to include all generations.

A Sticky Faith Lifeline for Our Son

Fuller Youth Institute

It’s been an emotional week in our home. Our oldest son is home for a short ten-day leave before he heads to Okinawa, Japan for three years with the United States Marine Corps. Throughout the past nine months since Ethan left for boot camp, we have prayed every day for him to find some sense of community wherever he lands.

How Improv Comedy Changed How I Do Youth Ministry

Brian Nelson

A lot of times, we as youth leaders feel like we have to say exactly the right thing to students. Have you ever gotten the “You have five seconds to impress me before I check out” vibe? I have. Even with seven years of youth ministry experience, that’s intimidating. We feel like we have a short window to cover all the necessary conversational topics that are important to a student.