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Bono and Eugene Peterson: An Exclusive Interview

Kara Powell, Brad M. Griffin

The Message translation deeply moved Bono and U2 in the early 2000s, and when Peterson found out about this, his first response was, “Who’s Bono?”

This exclusive new short film released today by FULLER studio tells the story of how the two eventually corresponded, developed a friendship, and finally met. Recently Bono paid a visit to the Petersons’ home in Montana. David Taylor, Fuller’s director of the Brehm Center at our Texas campus, chats with both in a rare and intimate interview.

Icons of Heaven

Witnessing God’s Future in Short-Term Mission

Kurt Rietema

You’ve seen it in the Instagram pics of the girl in your youth group with a swarm of dark-skinned children around her. These photos can provoke a mixture of reactions within us. On the one hand, they feel so helplessly cliché, like mission trips are nothing more than a rite of passage for white kids, passing off a long “savior” tradition to a new generation.

But on the other hand, there’s something about these experiences that feels so right that we struggle to write them off entirely. There’s something about those photos that feels like God’s kingdom come. It’s like our mission trip photos are icons of heaven—of God’s future breaking into the present. 

How can I help seniors navigate the college choice dilemma?

Fuller Youth Institute

It’s no wonder many students just shrug and try to change the subject.

At a time in life when these young people are just beginning to discover who they are, they are presented with the challenge to make a decision that seems to carry the weight of the rest of their lives. While adults know that college choice does not determine a young person’s fate, our questions and expectations can sure add to that feeling.