Church Assessment

Church Assessment

The Church Growing Young Assessment leverages the research done in the Growing Young project to determine six scales by which to measure your church. When you take the Church Assessment, you and your entire congregation participate in a survey for immediate results detailing your church’s strongest and weakest areas according to Growing Young research. A 30-page report will integrate all responses into graphs of aggregate results, provided immediately upon completion. The report will also highlight next steps according to your results.

Included in the cost of your church assessment is a one-hour call with an experienced Growing Young coach. Your coach will help you and your team gain the maximum insight from your assessment report and help you strategically set your next steps. A member of the FYI team will contact you shortly after you complete your assessment in order to schedule the call at a time that is convenient for you.

Church Assessment Includes

  • 60-question survey for all congregation attendees
  • Instructional video
  • Exclusive church invitation video
  • Pre-designed inserts and slides
  • Free 60-minute coaching call
  • 20+ pages of downloadable guides and worksheets
  • Exclusive offers from the Fuller Youth Institute

Purchase Options

Regular Church Attendees Total Price Purchase
0 - 249 $300
250 - 499 $500
500 - 749 $750
750 - 999 $1,000
1,000 - 2,499 $1,250
2,500+ $1,750

Multi-site churches click here. *Based on average attendance

The Assessment Vision

The Growing Young Assessment is an academically-validated survey tool that provides vital insights about your church’s effectiveness with young people. It harnesses the collective insights of your entire congregation to provide you with a true picture of reality.

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