Meet the Growing Young Heroes every church loves and needs

Crisscrossing the country to research churches for the Growing Young project allowed our team to hear some amazing stories. Many of those stories were about adults who invest in young people. Like Trudy, the 90-year-old who golfs with teenagers in Volga, South Dakota. Who wouldn’t be inspired by Trudy?

We also became convinced that there are heroes like Trudy in the life of every church. The heroes who show up tirelessly to mentor, teach, lead, and love young people. We know this small-but-mighty tribe of world-changers seldom receive special titles or accolades for their hard work.

A few weeks back, we offered to partner with you in gratitude and generosity toward these unsung heroes. Our team was thrilled by the response—so many nominations of faithful servants who give and give to help young people thrive. The stories you submitted sparked tears, smiles, and an overwhelming sense of gratitude among the FYI team. You told us about real people in real churches who are engaging the next generation with passion and commitment.

Real people in real churches engaging the next generation: read their stories. (tweet that)

We are so inspired. And more than ever, we are hopeful. We work hard wondering how we can change the way the world sees young people. To these heroes, it’s simply a way of life. 

Our team has collected a handful of inspiring stories into a brief storybook to share with you. Grab some tissues and meet these amazing, everyday people. Then spread the cheer and share the stories with a friend. In this season of generosity and gratitude, perhaps you have a hero of your own to thank.

Read Their Stories