A new approach to teaching teens about compassion

Compassion from the Inside Out

4-week Faith Beyond Youth Group curriculum

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Transform your youth group into a compassionate community

At FYI, we know that compassion is already in the DNA of your ministry. We’ve heard countless stories from youth leaders around the country about how you’re inviting students to serve others. Yet sometimes it can be easy to focus on action and forget that compassion calls us to interaction—with God, and with those in the world around us who are struggling.

Compassion from the Inside Out invites your students to dig deeper and explore compassionate interaction as you look at how Jesus modeled a life lived with compassion. Together you’ll share your own stories and grow closer as a prayer-filled, caring community as students learn about:

  • Paying attention to the people around them.

  • Sitting with the people in their lives and seeking to understand their pain.

  • Regularly checking in with God and with themselves.

  • Serving others with their heads, hearts, hands, and feet.

We’ve packed this 4-week high school ministry curriculum with:

  • Powerful testimony-based discussion starters and video interviews with young people mobilize your team to model growth and inspire meaningful conversations.

  • Bible-based weekly scripts and slides equip you to teach for transformation.

  • Weekly interactive prayer and reflection activities compel your volunteers and students to practice compassion together.

  • Thought-provoking small group discussion guides and student take-home sheets help your students make meaning as they learn.

  • A comprehensive leader guide invites you and your leaders to reflect and grow alongside your students.

  • Social media tools keep your community practicing compassionate interaction all week long.

  • Both English and Spanish versions included with your purchase. 

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Youth Ministry Curriculum

Who Do You Say I Am?

High School Curriculum Exploring Identity, Ethnicity, Race, Community, and Faith

Teach teenagers to find their stories in God’s story

“Who am I?” is a complex question that sparks a complex answer. Young people today are navigating many layers of ethnic, racial, cultural, and religious identities, and they need the support of their faith community to truly understand all of who they are in Christ.

Based on the groundbreaking research that brought you 3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager, this high school ministry curriculum provides you with all you need to have conversations like you’ve never had before with your students, helping them discover their unique, God-given identities in Christ.

This 6-session curriculum explores:

Session 1: Our Identities
Session 2:
Our Origin Stories
Session 3:
Our Cultures
Session 4:
Our Rejection and Resillience
Session 5:
Our Neighborhoods
Session 6:
Our Response

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Faith in an Anxious World

Faith in an Anxious World:
A 4-week High School Curriculum

This curriculum series will empower you with language and tools to respond to young people in your care, linking anxiety and depression with conversations about discipleship and faithful living. Together your group will reflect on New Testament stories, watch Jesus enter into anxious situations with his disciples, and explore:

Week 1: Life in an anxious world.
See and name the pressure that builds in and around us.

Week 2: Life in a relational world.
Build a circle of support for both good times and bad.

Week 3: Life in a hurting world.
Know when our feelings become more than we can handle on our own.

Week 4: Life in a hopeful world.
Recognize God at work in our anxious world.

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The Big Questions

The Big Questions High School Curriculum

We’re convinced that life’s biggest questions deserve better answers. So we teamed up with Orange to create this four-week curriculum series packed with teaching guides, multimedia resources, social media tools, and more. Get The Big Questions high school and middle school ministry curriculum and help your students find Jesus’ answers to their biggest questions of identity, belonging, and purpose.

We’ve taken key insights from our latest book 3 Big Questions that Change Every Teenager and developed a new 4-week curriculum for your ministry! Available for high school and middle school, The Big Questions will spark new discipleship conversations as you help teenagers discover Jesus-centered answers to their biggest questions of identity, belonging, and purpose. Preview the High School Curriculum

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The Big Questions Middle School

The Big Questions Middle School Curriculum

For the book 3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager, our FYI team collected hundreds of hours of research from teenagers, churches, and student-focused organizations across several cultures, as well as answers from students of varying races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and genders. Our research revealed huge opportunities for the church to walk with a generation as they ask “Who am I?”, “Where do I fit in”, and “What difference can I make?”. We’ve taken the insights from the book and developed an all-new curriculum for your ministry! This series will spark new discipleship conversations as you help teens discover Jesus-centered answers to their biggest questions of identity, belonging, and purpose. Preview the Middle School Curriculum.

WEEK 1: When you really understand who Jesus is, it changes everything.
WEEK 2: You don’t have to prove you’re enough.
WEEK 3: You belong here.
WEEK 4: You matter more than you think.

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Who Do You Say I Am?
Who Do You Say I Am?
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Compassion from the inside out
Compassion from the Inside Out
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