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Welcome to the Fuller Youth Institute. We are passionate about changing the conversation around young people – including the conversations we have with young people. 
We believe in the power of intergenerational relationships to deepen the faith of every generation. So we invite you to engage young people in your ministry, home, and community. To help you, we’ve gathered our favorite resources below. 

Insights on connecting with young people

Your voice matters to young people, no matter your age. Here’s why.

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Bridging the generation gap with stories

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Three words every young person wants to hear

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Six tips for talking with teenage girls

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How to talk to boys - and get them to talk back

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“I don’t believe in anything anymore”: How to respond when young people doubt God

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A free library of downloadable resources

Worksheets, Ebooks, wallpapers, and more

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How to talk to any young person: 
An intergenerational conversation toolkit

You know how important it is to engage young people in your church. But how? Even when we bring our best intentions to these conversations, the dialogue sometimes flops.
This comprehensive 18-page guide is the perfect handbook for any adult looking for a starting point in conversations with today’s young people. It includes fundamental principles of conversation, a reflection exercise, 30+ questions and topics to explore, and two bonus articles on talking to boys and talking to girls.
Ready to talk to ANY young person? 
This guide will get you started.

To All Our Young People: A Video

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