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Sticky Faith

How do we build lasting faith in the teenagers we love and serve? Find practical resources for youth ministry and parenting here.

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New book on that tricky tech

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Growing Young

How can you unlock your church’s potential? Discover 6 research-based strategies for integrating young people to create a thriving church.


Urban Ministry

How do we help today’s young people thrive in urban contexts? We are creating the most comprehensive resource for urban youth workers today.


Fuller Youth Institute

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Talking About Hypocrisy With Young People

Help students explore their thoughts and feelings about the hypocrisy that exists in the church


How We Read the Bible; 8 Ways to Engage the Bible with Our Students FREE CHAPTER

Refresh the way you read the Bible with young people.


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Engaging the Bible Together as a Family

Parenting won’t look the same anymore, but it isn’t over yet.


Video Resources for Your Church

Capture our dream for how adults can reach out to young people.


Resources for Leaders: Growing Young

Inspire your church to engage teenagers and young adults
Growing Young Discussion Guide

This downloadable guide will help you engage your community in dialogue through each chapter of Growing Young. Purchase the book in our store


Stories of Churches Growing Young

Illustrations and inspiration from churches young people love. 


Growing Young Sermon Outlines and Slide Templates

Bring Growing Young ideas into your worship gatherings. 

Sermon Outlines
Slide Templates

Growing Young Heroes Storybook

We invited you to share stories of adults who go above and beyond. Here are our favorites.


Growing Young Prayer Guide

Join the Fuller Youth Institute and authors of Growing Young for a prayer journey.

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How to be Heard: a young adult’s guide to church leadership

Learn how to leverage your young adults' voices. 


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Resources for Leaders: Sticky Faith

Developing lasting faith that grows with teenagers into adulthood 
Sticky Faith Everyday Curriculum

8 Weeks of Noticing God More 


Can I Ask That? FREE Session

Help young people wrestle with tough faith questions. Purchase entire guide in our store


Sticky Faith Teen Curriculum: FREE Session

Help students find fellowship and community after graduation. 


Step Into My Shoes

Understand the developing world and young people's role in it. No passport required.

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Resources for Leaders: Multicultural Ministry

Equipping the Church to celebrate diversity as a gift.
4 Healing Steps For Leaders Of Color

Sustain your ministry as bridge-builders.


Interested in More Multicultural Resources?

Find more tools for multicultural youth ministry.

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Guiding Values for Multicultural Youth Ministry

This worksheet defines the 4 values of multicultural youth ministry and the 4 commitments based on those values.


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Resources for Parents

Sticky Faith Family Guide FREE Chapter

What does it look like to cultivate strong faith in your home? Purchase the book in our store


Every Parent's Guide to Navigating Our Digital World FREE Chapter

Approach this new connected world like a team and address your most pressing tech related dilemmas. Purchase the book in our store


Preparing to Launch

10 ways to have better conversations with your teenager about the future


Navigating Our Digital World: Screen Time Boundaries

Setting boundaries around screen time can be challenging. Determine the rhythms that work for you. 


Navigating Our Digital World: Request for an App

Should you let your son or daughter download a new app? Decide together.  


Navigating Our Digital World: Facing Online Danger

Use this guide to help build bridges with your children when navigating tough technology concerns. 


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Dress Your Tech

These exclusive wallpapers reflect what we care most about. We hope you enjoy them. 
This Life is not a Dress Rehearsal

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Warm is the New Cool 

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Yes, You Can I Ask That

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Retreat, Release, Reintegrate, Invite

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