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Fuller Youth Institute

Sticky Faith

How do we build lasting faith in the teenagers we love and serve? Find practical resources for youth ministry and parenting here.

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New book on that tricky tech

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Growing Young

How can you unlock your church’s potential? Discover 6 research-based strategies for integrating young people to create a thriving church.

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Urban Ministries

Receive world-class training right in your city. Our Certificate and Credential programs offer essential training vital to effective urban youth ministry.


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Ready to Grow Young?

Find out where your congregation stands: no more guessing, no more grasping at trends.


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Our FREE assessment gives you a quick evaluation according to the 6 core commitments that we discovered in our research. Take a few minutes on this assessment, and we’ll give you long-term strategies that work.


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What if your congregation could tell you exactly where you stand? Our robust all-church assessment will give you insights to your church that you’ve never had before.

Thriving with young people IS an option. Unlock the potential of your church.

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