Kara Powell

Dr. Kara Powell is the Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) and a faculty member at Fuller Theological Seminary. Named by Christianity Today as one of “50 Women You Should Know,” Kara serves as a Youth and Family Strategist for Orange, and also speaks regularly at parenting and leadership conferences. Kara is the author or coauthor of a number of books, including the forthcoming Growing Young (fall 2016), The Sticky Faith Guide for Your Family, Sticky Faith Curriculum, Can I Ask That?, Deep Justice Journeys, Essential Leadership, Deep Justice in a Broken World, Deep Ministry in a Shallow World, and the Good Sex Youth Ministry Curriculum. 

On the Web: fulleryouthinstitute.org

Twitter: @kpowellfyi

Resources from Kara Powell:


Youth Potential

We get to choose

The Role of Parents in Kids’ Faith

Diverse Schools Create Racial Divide

Exodus:  Intergen Worship

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Great John Ortberg Quotes

Spiritual Catalysts

Great Questions for Youth Group Graduates

Super Bowl Ads and Kids

Screen Time and Friends

The CARE Plan

Powerful Quotes About Pain

The Middle 70%

Origins Event - July 23-24 in L.A.

Who Gets the Glory?

Touched Up Images

Never do for kids…

Stress is Affecting our Kids

Racial Dynamics in Families

Better Title Than “Family Ministry”

Girl Pressure - Younger and Older

Great Short Term Missions Resources

Fat Stigma Spreading Worldwide

The One Moment Everything Changed

What if Every One of Your Dollars Became Two Dollars?

Everything You Wanted to Know About Father’s Day

Kids:  Please Understand Me

Sticky Faith - Brief Summary of Research Surprises

Family Dinners of All Flavors

Children/Families Involved at Occupy Wall Street Events

How to Have Great Discussions Over the Holidays

One-Word Definition for Young Teens

Helicopter Mom and Dad Coming to the Job Interview With You?

How to build trust with others in your church

Why You Should Have an Elevator Pitch and How to Develop One

Don’t listen to your kids when they tell you to leave them alone.

GO TEAM!  Exciting news about FYI’s blog

New Brain Research Captures What I’d Done Differently in Ministry

What Urban Leaders Need in the Midst of Stress and Burnout

Are We Bankrupting Our Young Adults?

3 Questions to Help You Measure—And Work Toward—the Right Goals

New Facebook Technology: “Designed to Put Friends Above Everything Else”

One Mantra We All Need

Kids Giving

McDonalds and Opera Music

The One Truth I Want All Kids (and People) to Know About Lent

A 6-Word Phrase That Can Change Your Family’s Faith

A Cell Phone Contract to Help Build Sticky Faith

Best-of Deep Justice Interviews

3 Parenting Questions for Brooklyn Lindsey

Family Feeling Busy? Try This Question

If We Send Them, They Will Grow … Maybe

Smelling the Flowers - Literally

My Best 3 Conversations This Week

The Last Shall Be…

This is Your Brain on Multitasking


Best Worship Planning Team Ever

Teenage Suicides

Walking with Jesus Every Day

Your View of Parents

Big News in Youth Ministry

Sticky Faith Summit Day #1

Highlights of Youth Group Reunion

Ideation Conference

USA Today Front Page Article

Racial/Wealth Gap Widening

Post Camp Follow Up

New MTV show tomorrow night

Reggie Joiner – Parents’ Baby Steps

The Rise Of Emerging Adulthood

EJournal today - 2 minutes on grace

Friends and Race

Fast Facts About American Churches

EANABS & other non-alcohol party options for students

Hidden Sexism & How It Shapes Our Girls

Great idea:  FAQs for parents of graduating seniors

Parental Influence Even Includes Driving

Eugene Peterson Quotes and Insights

“I Love Talking With You, Mommy” - my High

The Power of Grandparents

Lesson #1 from Disneyland:  Correcting Too Late

Do We Infantilize Teenagers When We Call Them “Kids”?

Does your 5 Year-Old Have a Smartphone?

Don’t Wait - Share Your Story Over the Holidays

Normalize Your Young Teen’s Experiences

Childish Faith v. Childlike Faith

Help FYI Inspire Faith that Sticks

When Your Parenting Might be Helicoptering (Even Though You’re Well-Intentioned)

Leaders and Parents:  New Pledge from “Seventeen” Magazine You Should Discuss with Your Girls

What’s FOMO?  How is it impacting you and every young person you know?

New Research Yesterday:  Religions “Nones” on the Rise

Why Thanksgiving is my Favorite Holiday

The Role of Parents in Justice that Sticks

Does Divorce Hinder Sticky Faith in Kids?

Partner with FYI to reach more moms like Suzanne

How will the Urban Certificate sharpen your ministry?

Want to be part of the FYI team? Come study at Fuller!

Research That Can Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2014

How Vacations Build Sticky Faith

Best Books That Have Shaped Me This Summer

Three Parenting Questions for Adam McLane

3 Parenting Questions for Virginia Ward

3 Parenting Questions for Megan Hutchinson

Maybe Bono is Wrong

Biggest Generation Gap Ever

Making Ourselves Dispensable

A New Kind of Prayer for Kids

Sharing Your Congregational Story

Urban Youth Ministry Certificate - 3 weeks away

Spiritual Pathways

The Christmas “Jesus from Below”

What the Church is Known For…

Sticky Faith Summit Day #2

So Proud of Youth Group Kids

Union Rescue Mission - Language

3 Questions - Scripture Study

Baby and Bath Water?

Sharing Faith without the Guilt

The Importance of Friends and Generosity

Quantity or Quality Time?

Why do people attend church?

Was Jesus a Communist or Capitalist?

Education and Race

Cinderella Ate My Daughter

E-Journal is out today

The Real Life Visual Aid I Needed to Enter Ministry

DVULI - a great training opportunity

What’s High School For?

For the next 100 days…

Inspired by the Generosity of Others

Rituals in Your Church

Lesson #2 from Disneyland:  Shared Experiences

Are We Training Fleas (aka Teenagers) Not to Jump Too High?

Does The Way We Affirm Teenagers Hinder Them?

Is Facebook Making You Miserable?

Getting the Web of Support You Need

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

How Do You Know When It’s Right to Add Something New to Your Ministry?

How Much Difference Does Leadership “At The Top” Make?

The 80/20 Principle Can Benefit Your Family Or Ministry

Your Sleep:  An Act of Faith?

Be a Better Boss - Practical Ideas to Help You Better Lead

A New Instagram Record - Should We Be Glad or Sad?

Free Webcast with Mark Yaconelli (Rescheduled!)

The Power of Curbside Service in Building Sticky Faith Families

A Special Story From Kara

Learn.  Develop Friends.  Save $100.

BAM: One of my favorite ways my son is in intergenerational relationships

Are we slitting the wrists of our faith?

What’s the best way to help with homework? You might be surprised to find out

How the Post Office Can Help Build Sticky Faith

Three Parenting Questions for Chap Clark

How Jon Stewart Helps Build Sticky Faith

3 Parenting Questions for Ken Fong

3 Parenting Questions for Steve Argue

I Doubt It

College Flashbacks

I Was One of “Those” Parents


Disney: Reaching Boys

Family Values…A Farce?

Risks by Ethnicity

Multiple Connecting Points

Vision and Plan

Not So Merry Christmas

Faith AND Doubt

Sticky Faith Summit Day #3

What I Learned from Girl Scout Training

Gift Cards

The Age of the Unthinkable

Interaction - Goal of Your “Talk”

Volunteers for a Season

Best Buy/Search Institute - Teen Research

Parents - What NOT To Do

How to Treat People

More Teens Smoke Marijuana Than Cigarettes

Religion and Race

What We Can Learn From Jamie Oliver Being Kicked Out of L.A. Schools

Reel Spirituality Conference at Fuller on April 2

Social Media - Another Way For Kids To Feel Rejected

Girls hitting puberty earlier, and we’re not sure why.

85% of college grads moving back home

Media - With Your Kids

Why Do Kids Drink?

Where Children Sleep - For After Your Mission Trips

Differences in Leadership Across Cultures

Talking to Children & Teenagers About the Internet

What’s Bringing Life to My Own Scripture Reading

Short Sticky Faith Holiday Video That You Can Share

Making Media a Pro-Family Event

What can you brag about with your church?

What Can We Learn from Support Teen Lit Day?

Who Should Talk with Kids About Sex:  School, Parents, or the Church?

Leadership is a Contact Sport

The Best Question I’ve Asked a Young Person Recently

Lessons from Marshmallows - How Your Reliability Makes a Difference

Using Social Media in the Bathroom. Yikes!

Witness Essentials: Evangelism that Makes Disciples

How to Help Students and Families Embrace Your Ministry Vision

How You Can Help Build Sticky Faith Worldwide in 15 Seconds for Free

Three Lessons:  Simplicity Rules.  Grown Ups Matter.  Hands On.

Pre-order Your Sticky Faith Launch Kit Today!

How I Blew It With My Kids’ Bible Verse

The Quick and Dirty on How to Persuade with Data and Numbers

What Every Woman and Girl Needs to Know About Models

3 Parenting Questions for Kristen Ivy

My Greatest Joy Stealer is Staring at Me in the Mirror

3 Parenting Questions for April Diaz

Relationship help for busy parents

Stress in the City

Effective Homeless Ministry

The Family Is…

Complaint or…?

What the Emerging Church is Protesting

A Lesson from Soccer:  Thanks…

Cross-Cultural Youth Ministry Objectives

Intergen Sunday School Class

Think Orange

The Lights of Christmas…

3 Buckets of Doubt

You Never Know Who’s Watching…

Justice Anniversary


Eye Focus

Haiti - please know what you are doing

Great idea for soon-to-be college frosh

Matchmaking to a new level

Grown Ups on Facebook

More on Almost Christian

Top 5 FYI Resources for 2010

Welcome Kids with Arms Wide Open

Lots of Great Urban Quotes

Where have all the good men gone?

Is There a Bias Against Single Pastors?

Johari Window - what are our blind spots?

What Do You Need to Learn?

Self-analysis: plotting will and competency, thanks to Marko

Today’s EJournal:  Conflict and Deep Justice Journeys

Launching Stickyfaith.org

“Not My Kid” - Parental Delusions

Some Great Lessons from Steve Jobs’ Life

Wasted Charity - We May Be More Guilty Than We Think

HBR’s Most Popular Blog Posts in 2011

The Great Divide in “White America”?!?

How Not to Get Buried by the Information Avalanche

Which airline makes me feel the most hip?

How the Economy Affects Young People

Do you want to get Wrecked?

Don’t Text and Walk?!?  How to help young people NOTICE more.

Is it OK to Give Up Prayer for Lent?

An Inspiring Sticky Faith story about Keith

Losing Our Religion

What Are Students Hiding From You Online?

Great ideas for parents in ministry

Jeff Goins is Right:  Less is More – More Meaningful and More Freeing

My New Favorite Book on Premarital Counseling

How Badly Do Kids Want Dads?  Enough to want a Boot Camp Dad?

What was Sticky-Faith-ish about your Easter service?

Adding Sticky Faith To Birthdays

3 Parenting Questions for Danny Kwon

What To Do When Your Holiday Family Tradition Flops

3 Parenting Questions for Jim Burns

Practical help for the ministry leader preparing couples for marriage

Why Ecclesiology?

Justice Church Partnerships

Our DAILY bread

The 85% Statistic is Back—and Pretty Strong Actually

3 Types of folks in the Emerging Church

Courage Means You Might Fail

3 Big Questions for Frantic Families

Calendar God Reminders

My Initial Concern about Reggie Joiner’s Orange

Every New Decision Has a Justice Price Tag

Gaming Numbers

Students Digging In

Make Mistakes Once

Great connection with parents

Mission, then Measurement

Compassion Needs to be Balanced With…

More tips for soon-to-be college frosh

Proximity Equals Opportunity

Moms – Cycle of Poverty

Kenda’s Case for Hope

Christmas:  What’s Most Important

Unplugging Your Family from Technology

The Birth of the Princess-Mania

“Grilled Cheesus” on “Glee”

What a Difference a Day Makes

New Future for YS

The Spitfire:  Fruit from Failure

A Bridge Too Far - Exciting News from Saddleback Church

Good leaders acknowledge what can’t be done

“What Can We Do?” Kids’ Jobs and Justice

Live Webcast Today

Is Reality TV a Catalyst for Mean Girls?

Driven to Succeed:  What Lies Potentially Beneath Students’ Stress Levels

How to Accomplish More by Doing Less

Nobel Prize Winners Agree & Have Advice For You

What should you look for in leaders and ministries?

How the Hook-Up Culture Hurts Girls

The Momentum from Small Wins and Catching Young People Doing Something Right

The 6 People You Need in Your Corner

The Secret Phrase Top Innovators Use

Want to Lead Up?

Finding Time for What’s Important This Year

Can You Guess What Preschoolers Do 4 Hours/Day and How It Affects Them?

How Much your Kids Know About Your Family Narrative Matters

How do you know if your non-profit budget is big enough?

One Important Secret to Launching Change that Every Leader Needs

Two Great Insights from Reggie Joiner’s “Playing For Keeps”

Sticky Faith Coaching Is Finally Here

Why Mothers & Daughters Fight And Three Questions That Help

The Best Untapped Sticky Faith Resource in Your Church

Tough Questions to Ask Before Your Next Missions Trip

How is Christmas Comparison Robbing You of Holiday Joy?

Is it the right time for my church to join a Sticky Faith Cohort?

If you could ask God any question, what would it be?

Bono and Eugene Peterson: An Exclusive Interview

And You Think You Can Give

Back in town and encouraged

Proof: Prayer and Scripture Reading Matters

“You suck, try harder.”

Parents Going Viral

Question #2 for Frantic Families

Unstructured Space

Fight for a Kid

Sickness and Deep Justice

Stunning Media Use for Kids


Values Are…Valuable

Sticky Note Life Updates

Tell someone you believe in them

Al and Tipper Gore - The “Grace” of Separation

Lessons from Billy Graham

Helicopter parenting

Teenagers:  “Almost Christian”

Brain research:  what are kids thinking?

Top Cultural Trends in the last 10 Years a la Andy Crouch

Do Kids Prefer Praise over $ and Sex?

If I were a—-blank—-...

Ron Sider - Inviting Us Back Center

An Honest Q & A

What grade would students give high school, or college?

How and Why Divorce Impacts Kids

Hardworking Sloths:  Disguising Spiritual Laziness

Slumdog Tourism

“View Wide, Engage Deep”

A Few Quick Lessons on Leadership from Our New Interns

Teenagers’ IQ Can Change

Are Males More Likely to Have “Failure to Launch”?

A Truly Collaborative Youth Ministry Training Gathering

The Tween Dating Scene:  Can You Spell T-E-X-T?

How to get more out of what you’re reading

How to Be More Creative. Good News: You Already Are.

How to Impact Teenagers at Camps and Conferences This Summer

Kara’s Plea as a Mom:  Do a Better Job Than I Have with Students’ Parents

Does Sexting Take the Place of Sex for Teenagers?

Media Coverage of Election Day:  What It Means for Children & Teenagers

Free Webcast with Margaret Feinberg Today

3 specific ways to thank people well.

The Catalyst Leader’s Courage:  How “New” Can Make Great Leaders

Yet Another Way I am a Pharisee

Leaders Who Launch Change Script the Critical Moves

Announcing Our Next Major Research Project

4 Steps to Help a Stressed Teenager

Six Tips on Preparing for Milestones in Your Ministry

Family Dinners—Magical or Mythical?

Deep Justice in a Broken World

Christmas Cards are Liars

The most important question to ask before serving

Coming September 2 CYFM Becomes FYI: Fuller Youth Institute

A Calendar is a Moral Document

Best quote on grace for my summer

Does Going to College Kill Your Faith?

Kids Aren’t Colorblind

What Is Intergenerational Worship?

Question #3 for Frantic Families

Different Kind of Music Tour

How do I get my pastor to change?

10 Interesting Global Trends

Kids Giving Pat Answers

Youth Group of the 80s and 90s Reunion

One Question to Always Ask

Theology from Below

The Right Kind of Peer Pressure for Girls

Chuck Norris Knows About FYI - No Joking

The Cost to Billy Graham as a Dad

Hard working pastors and burnout

Elementary School of Morals

America is Stressed

Growing Up in America: The Power of Race in the Lives of Teens

Something I’ve Never Noticed in the State of the Union

Dora and American Girl Dolls - Not All We Assume

Kids in Japan and other countries

Census Map Info - Find Your State

The Power of Words:  Great Video

Best 3 minute video I’ve seen recently - on leadership

Connecting with Moms and Dads Differently

Collaboration, especially for women

Steve Jobs’ Seven Insights for Leaders

Why I’m Excited About My New Role With YS

Let’s End the Really Bad Power Point

Even Harvard Business Review Doesn’t Like “The Kids’ Table”

Apple’s “Genius Bar” - The Church Equivalent?

Does Too Much Texting Make You Shallow?

New technology for teens = better sewing machines?

Create Your Own WOW Experience

Is it wise to give high school seniors the freedom of college freshmen?

As For Me and My Crazy House

Are You Solving the Right Problems in Your Life, Family or Ministry?

How You Can Make Better Presentations:  Follow My First Grader’s Advice

How to Get the Most Out of Your Meetings

Best Price on Sticky Faith E-Books Ever

More Important Than Screen Time Rules: Parents’ Own TV Habits

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Emotions to Launch Change

30 Hour Famine Partners with Sticky Faith for Your Ministry

The Coolest Sticky Faith Action I’ve Seen in a While

Parents’ Smartphones: Sticky Faith Builder or Breaker?

Justice Hits Close to Home

3 Parenting Questions for Jeremy Zach

3 Words from Fifth Grade Math That Can Change Your Parenting

I’ve been doing mission trips wrong

Why and how our family sets goals together

How you help your kids build Sticky Faith by showing your own

What to do when your child doesn’t want to talk to you about dating

How we unknowingly sabotage short-term missions

10 things every parent should know about gaming

Leading intergenerational service projects and trips that stick

What to do if your teenager doesn’t want to spend time with you

Why technology is the one area of our family that’s “not fair”

Announcing Our Preorder Bundle: Get Free Growing Young Resources Today!

Beyond ‘Turn That Thing Off!’

5 New Short Films to Help Your Family

How young is too young (for digital media)?

Yes, You Can Ask That

Teens are asking tough questions, often alone. We’re here to help.