Young Adult Ministry Now
Half-Day Training

Date: October 20, 2022 
Time: 8:30 am - 1:00 pm Pacific Time

Young Adult Ministry Now Training

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Get fresh insight on young adult ministry from our leading experts.

Building on over a dozen years of research and working intensively with over 40 congregations, 80 ministry leaders, and 80 young adults, Young Adult Ministry Now unites fresh wisdom on ministry innovation with FYI’s landmark Growing Young insights to give you a ministry guide you can count on. 

You need young adult ministry now because young adults need you—now. 

In this half-day online training, you’ll hear from ministry experts and connect with leaders just like you who are pouring into the spiritual lives of emerging adults today. Together, we’ll demystify the young adult season of life by helping you:
  • Hear from young adult ministry experts, national speaker Steve Argue and church consultant Andy Jung.
  • Connect with leaders like you who are pouring into the spiritual lives of the next generation.
  • Learn from expert coaches who will help you discern your next crucial steps for your young adult ministry.
Come join the conversation!

Young Adult Ministry Now Half-Day Training Details:

Date: October 20, 2022
Time: 8:30am Pacific Time - 1:00pm Pacific Time
$69/person ($59/person for 3+)

Registration is Closed

Registration closes October 18, 2022 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time

Young Adult Ministry Training Outline:

Training Topics:

  • Get to know the real paths of young adults
  • Learn how to lead compassionate, creative, and courageous young adult ministry
  • Hear from innovative young adult ministry leaders and a panel of young adults
  • Connect with leaders like you and an expert coach across 3 coaching group breakout sessions
8:30 PT | Session 1: The real paths of young adults, and coaching group discussion

Identify your ministry’s greatest pain point in reaching young adults
9:30 PT | Session 2: Ensuring compassionate young adult ministry and coaching group discussion

Develop a listening plan to deepen your ministry’s relationships with young adults
10:45 am PT: Break
11:00 am PT | Session 3: Fostering creative young adult ministry, young adult panel, and coaching group discussion
Make space for young adults’ faith and doubt in your ministry
12:20 pm PT | Session 4: Leading courageous young adult ministry
Empower young adults to lead
1:00 pm PT | End of training event (and a new beginning in your young adult ministry!)

Note: The exact schedule is subject to change; all times are in Pacific Time

    Your training guides:

    Steven Argue, PhD (Michigan State University) is the Applied Research Strategist for the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) and Associate Professor of Youth, Family, and Culture at Fuller Theological Seminary. Steve researches, speaks, and writes on adolescent and emerging adult spirituality. He has served as a pastor on the Lead Team at Mars Hill Bible Church (Grand Rapids, MI), coaches and trains church leaders and volunteers, and has been invested in youth ministry conversation for over 20 years. Steve is the coauthor and contributor of a number of books, including Growing With, 18 Plus: Parenting Your Emerging Adult, and Joy: A Guide for Youth Ministry.

    An image of Steve Argue the person who said this quote.

    Steve Argue

    Applied Research Strategist

    Andy Jung is the Director of Church Engagement at the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI), where he oversees the church engagement strategy. He leads cohorts and other training initiatives, develops relationships and networks with church and denominational leaders and ensures effective systems and processes to execute all these efforts effectively and efficiently. He has served as a youth minister for 20+ years and a senior pastor for five years. In addition, Andy also served as a state executive leader for Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of NC for two years. Read more about Andy.

    An image of Andy Jung the person who said this quote.

    Andy Jung

    Director of Church Engagement

    Chuck Hunt is a veteran Youth Pastor with over 25 years of experience and currently serves as Family Ministry Pastor at Lake Ave Church in Pasadena. An ordained pastor, Chuck holds a D. Min from Fuller Theological Seminary. Over the years, he has seen the power and necessity of ministering to families as a whole and loves to encourage other disciples to do the same. Read more about Chuck.

    An image of Chuck Hunt the person who said this quote.

    Chuck Hunt

    Family Ministry Pastor

    Caleb Roose is a project manager at the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI), where he advises and facilitates FYI church trainings and research (Youth Ministry Innovations, Ministry Innovations with Young Adults, and Living a Better Story), coaches and consults with churches around the country, and develops resources. The coauthor of Sticky Faith Innovation: How Your Compassion, Creativity and Courage Can Support Teenagers' Lasting Faith with Steven Argue, Caleb is passionate about helping young people wrestle with their faith and encouraging leaders to do the same. Read more about Caleb.

    An image of Caleb Roose the person who said this quote.

    Caleb Roose

    Project Manager

    Zach Ellis is the Church Training manager at the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI). Zach holds an MDiv from Nazarene Theological Seminary and a PhD from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is ordained in the Church of the Nazarene and is an active volunteer in his church’s youth group. Before joining FYI, he was a youth pastor in Eastern Oregon. In his free time, you’ll likely find him hiking with his wife and two kids or watching Sporting Kansas City score goals. Read more about Zach.

    An image of Zach Ellis, PhD the person who said this quote.

    Zach Ellis, PhD

    Church Training manager

    Giovanny serves as a Project Coordinator at the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI), assisting staff in a variety of ways, including multicultural research, social media, and marketing. He holds a BA in Psychology and Sociology from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and an MDiv with an emphasis on Asian American Context from Fuller Theological Seminary. Born in Indonesia, but raised in Southern California, Giovanny also serves as a youth pastor for two Indonesian churches. Giovanny is passionate about photography and going on adventures with friends to find food, coffee, and hiking spots, which just so happens to be some of the subject matter you'll find on his Instagram.

    An image of Giovanny Panginda, MDiv the person who said this quote.

    Giovanny Panginda, MDiv

    Project Coordinator

    Justin Fung serves as the Pastor of Liturgy and Spiritual Formation at Christ City Church in Washington, DC, having previously been part of the planting team and, for seven years, one of the pastors of The District Church. His passion is for discipleship and spiritual formation that is evidenced by justice and peace, particularly in multicultural, multiethnic, and multiclass contexts. Justin also serves as a board member for The Centre on Religion and Global Affairs (US), The Church Lab, and the V3 Church Planting Network, and is a speaker for the Growing Young project. He lives with his wife, Carolyn, and their goldendoodle Asher Russell Rodgers, in the Trinidad neighborhood of DC.

    An image of Justin Fung the person who said this quote.

    Justin Fung


    Lisette Fraser is a leader, pastor, communicator and coach. She leads, advocates and inspires others to move towards God’s absolutely best for them. Lisette believes in the local church, knowing it’s God’s ‘plan A’ for bringing hope and healing to a broken and lost world. Lisette has dedicated her career to investing in leaders, young and old, who will impact the next generation and change the world. Born in the Netherlands, Lisette immigrated to Canada as a young girl. Lisette credits her family’s work ethic, grit, authenticity, and love of celebrating for how she lives, loves and leads. She is characterized by her warmth, genuineness, and strategic mind. After completing a degree in Theology, Lisette dove into church ministry, serving in Canada and the US. She has spent the last 20+ years leading youth, college, and family ministries and in the last season serving at the executive level overseeing all ministries at a large, multi-ethnic, multi-site church. Lisette loves opportunities to invest in leaders!

    An image of Lisette Fraser the person who said this quote.

    Lisette Fraser

    Leader & Pastor

    Steve is a community builder, pastor, justice advocate and mobilizer. He brings two decades of pastoral experience towards creating new, innovative networks of small, missional spiritual communities. Steve loves time with his family and is obsessed with all things soccer (God's greatest gift).

    An image of Steve Joh the person who said this quote.

    Steve Joh

    Community Builder, Pastor, Justice Advocate

    Questions about the training?

    Will you provide a recording of the training after the event concludes?
    We've planned the structure of this event to be live and interactive, so we will not offer any recordings. Make sure to catch it live!

    Is this an event that is geared toward staff, volunteers, or young adults?
    This training is for anyone, of any age, who cares about young adults and cares about the church.

    Should I attend if I lead a parachurch organization, or is this training only for church leaders?
    While we’ll talk about “churches” and “congregations,” the content is easily translatable for parachurch contexts. Please join us!

    What else do you offer for young adult ministry?
    Check out our young adult ministry e-book, group coaching, and consulting offerings here!

    Caleb Roose

    Still have questions?

    Contact Caleb Roose,
    FYI's Young Adult Ministry Now project manager.

    Contact Caleb 

    Registration is Closed

    What are people saying about the training?

    "I've been immersed in FYI's material ever since our Growing Young Cohort in 2018, and they've never let me down. This training session fit the mold! It took familiar principles from Growing Young and applied fresh perspective to provide us with encouragement and direction for Young Adult Ministry."



    Apple Valley Church of the Nazarene | Apple Valley, California

    "If you're struggling with where to turn next in young adult ministry, start here."



    Hillside Community Church | Grand Rapids, MI

    “This training was full of practical and deeply faithful information, real experiences shared, and real testimony from young adults. It was a blessing to be part of the learning, sharing, and innovative thought for this new time that is upon us.”



    Congregational Church of Brookfield | Brookfield, CT

    “Highly encourage anyone looking for encouragement and inspiration in their ministry with young adults to attend this training! My team of young adults came away feeling seen, heard and inspired to creatively journey with their fellow peers.”



    Yakima West Valley Church | Yakima, WA

    "With the encouragement, support, and relationships built through FYI's resources and trainings, our congregation has intentionally held space for the longings and losses of young people. Over the past 3 years, young adults previously uninterested in church have found a home here—largely due to the empathy we learned to apply to our systems through FYI."



    College Wesleyan Church | Marion, Indiana

    “The young adult ministry training was such a helpful tool to share with my ministry team. The content and space provided during this training gave us space to think differently and creatively on how to reach our young adults and dream alongside this group to grow their faith and create space for building relationships and mentorships. If you are wondering what is next for your young adult ministry, this is a great step toward discovering what God is leading you to.”



    Faith Reformed Church | Zeeland, MI

    “This training was such a great use of my time. In the span of a morning I learned new insights and was equipped with tools that I could turn around and use that afternoon in my ministry to Young Adults.”



    Friends Church Yorba Linda | Yorba Linda, CA

    “Young Adult ministry is one of the most challenging aspects of ministry today. FYI provides a realistic landscape of what it looks like to be a young adult and concrete strides on how the church can be a place of good news.”



    First United Methodist Church | Tulsa, OK

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