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You want to see your church impacting young adults’ lives, and you want to see young people impacting the life of your church.

But you worry that with limited support and creative energy, you may never get to see your vision come to life. In our conversations with ministry leaders from around the country, we’ve found that many feel under-resourced, alone, and unsure of their young adult ministry efforts and next steps.

Young Adult Ministry Now Coaching Groups can help you lead a vibrant young adult ministry with confidence and clarity. We’ll connect you with exclusive insights from our groundbreaking research on ministry with young adults in collaboration with over 40 congregations over the past 5 years. Through coaching you’ll gain a network of fellow young adult ministry leaders like you, practical next steps, and an FYI coach in your corner as you develop a young adult ministry that thrives.

Together, we’ll help you:


  • Challenge common myths about young adults in your community.
  • Identify the area of ministry you want to develop, improve, or grow.
  • Assess your church’s readiness for change.
  • Develop a personalized plan for your ministry with young adults.
  • Take steps to put your plan into action.

Best of all, you’ll get the support and encouragement you need to thrive.

Sign up for a young adult ministry coaching group today to join dozens of other church leaders who are finding the support they need, and bring your vision for young adult ministry to life.

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