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Can I Ask That Volume 1

As eight years of Sticky Faith research has shown, it’s not doubt or hard questions that are toxic to faith. It’s silence. The trusted voice of the Fuller Youth Institute and proven best practices from churches around the country converge to provide you with tools both to start conversations about hard questions, as well as to lead students toward discovering their own faith convictions.

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Can I Ask That Volume 2

Teenagers are tired of vague or nonexistent answers to their tough questions about God, the Bible, and Christianity. Just when they're capable of diving into the deep end of their faith, all too often the church keeps them splashing around in shallow waters. Designed for use in small groups alongside the Can I Ask That Volume 2 includes six sessions that tackle tough questions.

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Navigating Our Digital World Parent Workshop Kit

Parents often want to talk more with their kids about digital media, but aren’t always sure how. You can help, and we’re setting you up for success.

Drawing from the best research on media and youth, as well as conversations with parents like the ones in your ministry, this workshop series offers new ideas for the most pressing tech-related dilemmas your parents are asking. Help parents and families think and talk differently about digital media with this two-part, ready-to-use parent workshop series.

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