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3 Big Questions that Change Every Teenager

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3 Essentials for Better Conversations and Connections with Teenagers


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3 Big Questions that Shape Your Future

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This 60-day devotional does more than help teenagers figure out what to do with their lives; it will help them understand what their life means to the world. Releasing December 6, 2022.

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Welcome to the 3 Big Questions Digital Workshop

3 Essentials for better conversations and connections with teenagers

Maybe you’re a leader who wrestles with awkward silences in youth group.

Or a parent who can’t figure out how to get their kid to open up more.

Whatever your role, if you dream of having meaningful conversations with a young person that help them grow in faith and purpose, you are a mentor. You model to them what it is to live a life of faith. You walk with them as they grapple with big life moments.
As a mentor, you hear young people you care about wrestling with complex questions. You wonder how you can connect them with life-changing answers. Because that’s what mentors do.
We know just how you feel.
Every connection starts with a story. We want to tell you more about the amazing and diverse young people who participated in our research for 3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager. And we want to invite you to think back a little bit to your own story, too. Let’s dive in!


Today’s young people live in a world that is dramatically different from the one we grew up in.

Yet there are parts of our teenage experience that we all have in common and help connect us, just like Kara discovered and shared in her own story. To prepare yourself for these conversations, start with reflecting on your own stories and experiences as a teenager.

    Here are two questions you can ask yourself today that will set you off on the right foot:

    What was my most defining moment as a teenager? Was it a big win … or a loss? What questions about life and faith did that moment stir in me?

    What did adults in my life do that helped? Or what do I wish adults had done that would have helped?


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