Give your youth ministry a fresh start with step-by-step innovation training.

Teenagers are constantly changing, and so is the world around them. That’s why our ministry approaches need to change too.

Every youth leader has compassion, creativity, and courage. Innovation channels these qualities so you and your team can cultivate lasting faith in teenagers and adapt your ministry to their most pressing needs.

Coming soon in 2021, we’re introducing two new ways to gain practical guidance as you innovate in your ministry.

Don’t leave your most creative ministry ideas sitting on the shelf. Let us walk with you and your ministry team to navigate the 3 moves of innovation and make your vision a reality.

-   Get step-by-step guidance in the innovation process through our video-based Sticky Faith Innovation Online Training.

-   Gain insight from our experienced team as you navigate the 3 moves of innovation in your ministry through Sticky Faith Innovation Coaching.

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