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"Young people want a faith that demonstrates not only that Christianity is true but also that Christianity is good."

— Faith Beyond Youth Group

Help young people live out Jesus’ goodness every day

Ever wonder if your ministry is teaching teenagers to be Christlike, or just teaching them to be “nice”?

Faith Beyond Youth Group gives you a trailblazing new framework to reshape your ministry for real impact—not just in your youth room, but everywhere students go. With practical insight and tips, you’ll find out how to cultivate trust, model growth, teach for transformation, practice together, and make meaning so that teenagers can become adults who hold fast to Jesus and boldly live out a robust faith in the world around them. faithbeyondyouthgroup.com

It's time for the church to lead the way in teaching teens about character

Introducing a new youth ministry framework to reshape your ministry for real impact—not just in your youth room, but everywhere students go. Equipped with our most up-to-date findings, Faith Beyond Youth Group will help you disciple teenagers to grow into character-filled adults who hold fast to Jesus and boldly live out their robust faith. faithbeyondyouthgroup.com

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Will you help us create an exclusive VIP video reel for social media? In this video you’ll virtually pass your Faith Beyond Youth Group book to another VIP member. Here’s how it works…

  • First, you'll need your trusty smartphone! Make sure your phone is upright for that perfect vertical shot.
  • Imagine you’re receiving the book from a friendly co-star on your left. Hit "record" and film yourself receiving the book, then hold it and look at the cover for a second.
  • Next, turn your book around towards the camera, show off that book cover to the camera with pride, and flash your winning smile.
  • Then, time for the magic handoff! Smoothly pass the book to your right to another imaginary co-star, creating a seamless exchange.
  • Try to capture all the excitement in less than 5 seconds. Then, upload your video in our Dropbox here.

Want to ramp up the excitement even more?

If you’re up for it, create a second video unboxing your book and share it across your social media. Don’t forget to tag us @FullerYouthInstitute!

And one more thing. 

The video you uploaded will be part of a Reel we’re posting to social media. When you see this special reel on our social media, please spread the joy and share it in your Instagram story and other social media newsfeeds.

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