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Faith Beyond Youth Group

If you're tired of youth ministry that fails to change lives, it's time to change youth ministry. 

Building on two decades of the Fuller Youth Institute's work and incorporating extensive new research and interviews, Faith Beyond Youth Group identifies the reasons it feels like you’re working so hard but having so little impact, and offers five ways adult youth leaders can cultivate character for a lifetime of growing closer to Jesus rather than drifting away. 

With practical insight and tips, you’ll find out how to cultivate trust, model growth, teach for transformation, practice together, and make meaning so that teenagers can become adults who hold fast to Jesus and boldly live out a robust faith in the world around them. 

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Praise for Faith Beyond Youth Group

Faith Beyond Youth Group addresses the questions youth leaders ask themselves regarding their impact on the youth they love and willingly serve. The authors include interviews and stories from various youth leaders, highlighting their journey of discipling young people who attend youth group. The theological insights walk the reader through a process of understanding the benefits and barriers of character formation. This book is an informative, reflective, and practical approach for youth leaders to follow while they assess lifelong discipleship beyond youth group.

An image of Virginia Ward the person who said this quote.

Virginia Ward

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Boston Campus

I genuinely want the teenagers I work with to develop Christlike character. (I desire this in my own life as well.) But that’s not because I want them to be good girls and boys who grow up to be well-behaved church members; my motivation is that I want teenagers to experience vitality and a glorious partnership with Jesus in his redemptive work in the world. Faith Beyond Youth Group provides rails to run on with research, theological insight, and plenty of practical ideas, bringing to life what some might wrongly think of as a rusty relic of the past.

An image of Mark Oestreicher the person who said this quote.

Mark Oestreicher

Founder and Partner, The Youth Cartel

I hope that every youth ministry leader reads Faith Beyond Youth Group. This book not only locates where young people are at but provides insightful, practical, and doable ways to truly cultivate lifelong discipleship. This book is for all youth ministry leaders regardless of the size or context of their ministry. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach; it’s an approach that values and esteems every young person entrusted to you by God. This book is hope-filled and provides a way forward for discipling young people in these rapidly changing times.

An image of Christine Caine the person who said this quote.

Christine Caine

Founder, A21 and Propel Women

This book had me at the title: Faith Beyond Youth Group. It’s what we all want, hope, and pray for—faith that matters long after our games, teaching, camps, and programs are over. Even better, the book delivers a clear and hopeful compass to reorient youth ministry toward what matters most.

An image of Doug Fields the person who said this quote.

Doug Fields

Youth Pastor and President, DownloadYouthMinistry.com

Faith Beyond Youth Group is a must read for anyone invested in deepening Gen Z’s faith. Each chapter combines Fuller Youth Institute’s meticulous research with inspiring and thought-provoking stories about local youth workers in the trenches. These stories model a great deal of humility toward the next generation, and they offer so many practical tools to help us work within our various local church contexts. As someone coming from an Asian American youth ministry experience, I was impressed to see how much care and depth they put into making sure that we didn’t feel overwhelmed or excluded from the conversation around the state of the Gen Z’s faith; rather, I was encouraged to see how we could learn from many different cultural and socioeconomic perspectives.


Kevin Yi

College and Young Adults Pastor, Church Everyday, CA

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