Warmth often happens when you don’t expect it (+ free wallpaper download)

Recently I’ve been struck as a parent and leader that warmth often happens when I don’t expect it.

Like when one of my children comes to me with a worry that they just can’t shake.

Or when another faces a headache that won’t go away.

Or when I have the chance to speak hope to a parent who’s discouraged by his son’s sexual choices.

Or as I’m empathizing with another youth leader who longs to see the teenagers in her youth ministry be loved and known by the adults in her church. 

Sure, there are those moments when we know warmth is coming—during a highly anticipated summer vacation or a family member’s birthday dinner. But these days I’m just as glad—and maybe even more surprised—by the way warmth sometimes sneaks up on me and the young people I care about.

Let’s look for warmth in unexpected places. Even more, let’s cultivate it when others least expect it.

To help you remember to cultivate warmth, we've created free wallpapers for your phone and computer.

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