The FYI on Youth Ministry Podcast - Episode 5

An interview with Chuck Hunt; Equipping volunteers to disciple

The FYI on Youth Ministry is a podcast that brings together the Fuller Youth Institute’s groundbreaking research, practical advice from ministry experts, and heartfelt stories from diverse church leaders and young people to give you ideas and inspiration for your youth ministry.

In this episode, Kat Armas and Ahren Samuel from FYI talk with Chuck Hunt, Pastor of Family Ministries. Chuck talks about caring for volunteers, empowering them to disciple students, and how important it is to celebrate together. Chuck brings stories and wisdom from his 25 years of experience in youth ministry and he’s collaborated on many FYI projects as a speaker and advisor.

Tweet: "Walking with people trying to find their voice in ministry, as opposed to just creating a volunteer job description, has to be the way that we move forward."



Tweet: As ministry leaders, it's up to us to cheer on our volunteers. Youth pastor Chuck Hunt talks volunteers, celebrating joys, and finding wholeness in the church community on the #FYIonYouthMinistry podcast.

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Mentioned in the Podcast:

Learn more about the 5:1 ratio at

Book: Sticky Faith

Additional Resources:

Blog post: "What Do My Students Need When Transitions Happen?" by Chuck Hunt
Video training: Growing Young Video Series: Building Empathy (In this resource Chuck Hunt shares a story about helping volunteers build empathy)
Blog post: Kara Powell shares about the 5:1 ratio 


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