The FYI on Youth Ministry Podcast: Episode 4

Teens, social distancing, and mental health, Part 2

The FYI on Youth Ministry is a podcast that brings together the Fuller Youth Institute’s groundbreaking research, practical advice from ministry experts, and heartfelt stories from diverse church leaders and young people to give you ideas and inspiration for your youth ministry.

In the second part of our interview with Aaron Rosales, hosts Roslyn Hernández and Giovanny Panginda continue the conversation on the impact of social distancing on teenagers’ mental health. In this episode, Aaron shares insight into how we can support parents during this season, as well as tips for how we can all have empathetic conversations with the young people in our lives.

Tweet: "We can do a lot better job of allowing space that is slow to judge and quick to listen."



Tweet: If we want to help a young person at home with their parents, we actually need to support their parents. Get tips from mental health expert Aaron Rosales at The FYI on Youth Ministry.

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Mentioned in the Podcast:

Organization: Brio (co-founded by Aaron Rosales, Brio is a nonprofit that designs and launches mental health solutions in vulnerable communities through local partnerships)

Youth Group Curriculum: Faith in an Anxious World (4 week high school curriculum)

PDF: Guide to Taking Youth Ministry Online (Created by Rev. Angela Gorrell, Ph.D. & Paul Gorrell, by the Yale Youth Ministry Institute)

Podcast series for parents: Faith in An Anxious World Parenting Podcast (Mental health experts share advice on this series created by parents, for parents and care-givers. Perfect for sharing with families in your ministry.)

Leader Training: Growing Young in a Changing World Digital Cohort

Growing Young video series about empathy: Building Empathy

Growing Young video series about warmth: Fueling a Warm Community

Blog about warmth: When church is family: 4 ways to fuel warmth with young people

Blog about warmth: “People are not projects”

Blog about empathy: How well do you (and your church) empathize with young people?

Blog about empathy: Naming loss and gratitude with young people in these uncertain days

Additional Resources:

Information about teen suicide: Stanford Children's Health
Crisis line: Crisis text line
Video: Dealing with Anxiety
Blog: What’s the difference between stress and anxiety? 3 warning signs
Blog: Naming and Navigating Depression in the Lives of Teenagers
Blog: Helping Adolescents Work Through the Rising Tide of Anxiety

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