Potential Unlocked.

“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality.”
– Max De Pree

Congratulations! By taking the Individual Growing Young Assessment, you are beginning to unlock the potential of measuring your church’s effectiveness with young people. Thank you for taking this courageous step toward defining reality for your church. 

As you process your results, here are 4 things you should not do. 

1. Avoid your report. 
2. Keep your results to yourself.
3. Move on without a plan. 
4. Despair.

And here are 4 things we encourage you to do. 

1. Praise God for the strengths your report reveals. 
2. Pray over the issues your report raises. 
3. Invite a team member to read your report with you. 
4. Take a next step to keep this momentum going. 

Here are some next steps, right here, right now.

Because the truth is, you will never feel more motivated to help move your church forward than you do in this moment.

Take the Team Assessment (at a discount)

Gather results from your team for more perspectives on your church’s effectiveness with young people. When you purchase the Team Assessment, you will automatically receive a discount that reflects the price of your Individual Assessment. Your Individual results will be adopted into your Team results.

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Read Growing Young with your team

Take a deep dive with your results by reading our best-selling leadership book that started it all. You will encounter leaders, parents, volunteers and young people themselves and discover why they love their churches.

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