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3 Big Questions Book Cover

Every teenager is a walking bundle of questions. 

But at the core live these three: 

Who am I? 
Where do I fit? 
What difference can I make?

Discover new landmark research about the most diverse generation in history, what they have in common, and what that means for you. 3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager offers leaders, mentors, and parents practical conversation and connection ideas to help teenagers answer their three biggest questions and reach their full potential.

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Praise for 3 Big Questions

In 3 Big Questions, Kara Powell and Brad Griffin cut through so much of the guesswork and misguided conversations that have made it so much harder to connect with today’s teens. This powerful combination of research, practicality, and intellectual integrity is exactly what church leaders need right now.

An image of Carey Nieuwhof the person who said this quote.

Carey Nieuwhof

Author, Speaker, Podcaster

Kara Powell and Brad Griffin offer wisdom and insight that parents, educators, and ministers will benefit from for years to come, as well as offer practical ideas—that can actually be implemented right away—for helping the teens we love navigate the challenging years of adolescence at one of the most difficult points of human history. This book is a gem, a real gift, and essential reading for those in the trenches of helping teens meet Jesus.

An image of Katie Prejean McGrady the person who said this quote.

Katie Prejean McGrady

Speaker, Author of Follow: Your Lifelong Adventure withJesus, and host of Ave Explores

Kara and Brad help us understand the unique challenges teenagers are confronting today, identify their greatest longings, and give us practical ways to proactively initiate conversations and connections that will ultimately lead them closer to Jesus. If you love and care about teenagers, read this book.

An image of Christine Caine the person who said this quote.

Christine Caine

Founder of A21 and Propel Women

This book uncomplicates the most complicated part of my relationship with my teens: helping them figure out WHO THEY ARE. Kara and Brad give us a guide to help teenagers unlock their superpowers. I’m forever grateful.

An image of Carlos Whittaker the person who said this quote.

Carlos Whittaker

Author of Enter Wild, Kill the Spider, and Moment Maker

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