Digital Workshop Essential #3: Ask better questions

3 Essentials for better conversations and connections with teenagers

We hope as you’ve journeyed with us, you’re already enjoying even better connections and conversations with teenagers you care about. Today’s essential wraps up our series with a challenge that’s important for each one of us to remember as we serve and mentor young people.
Let’s help young people find better answers by asking better questions ourselves.
Let's take the time to truly see and recognize the moments and spaces where young people are asking their questions of identity, belonging, and purpose.


This year especially, teenagers may grapple with important questions of identity, belonging, or purpose. While we work on better listening to the young people in our lives by finding the question beneath the question, we can also help them open up by asking better questions of our own.

What does asking better questions look like? 

Here’s a head start based on the pivotal question of “Who am I?” to get you started.

    5 Questions to ask a teenager about identity

    When you ask yourself, “Who am I?” what sorts of words or phrases come to mind?

    How would your friends describe you? If I asked one of them to tell me “Who is ______?” what do you think they would say?

    What about your family—how would they describe you?

    What do you think others might miss or get wrong about you?

    How would you say your faith impacts your view of yourself?


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