You’re in charge

You’ve probably been volunteering in youth ministry for a long time. You spent hours in prayer, asking God for discernment, and when it came, you answered the calling to become a youth ministry leader.

Perhaps you enrolled in classes, and devoted your nights and weekends to poring over textbooks and writing papers, and your Sunday mornings to interning and training. You’ve applied for jobs, sat through interview after interview, met countless elders and church leaders, and finally got the job.

Now, you’re getting to know your volunteers, writing emails to parents, and planning weekly meetings for your youth group. You’ve stocked up on games, snacks, and, for some reason, an entire drawer full of duct tape.

What’s next?

If you’re in your first few years of youth ministry, we want to say welcome. We’re excited about your passion for mentoring and discipling young people. And we would love to help you answer some of your biggest questions about young people—such as:

How can I help conversations in our youth group go deeper?
Why do my young people seem so stressed out, and how can I help?
What should I say if a young person has doubts about faith?

We know you want to do more than keep young people entertained—you want to make your church the best place for young people to grow. You want to help young people change our world. Most of all, you want to nurture lasting faith in young people that continues to flourish long after they graduate out of your ministry.

Our free gift to you

At the Fuller Youth Institute, our team of ministry leaders, researchers, and parents wants to partner with you on the journey. When you sign up for Youth Ministry 101 we’ll send you a series of 5 emails, each unpacking an important discipleship principle we’ve gleaned from our years of research and partnership with ministry leaders like you.

We want to give you tips and tools that will equip you for a fruitful and fulfilling ministry. 

Sign up below, and start discipling your young people for a faith that lasts.

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