Worth Fighting For

Brad M. Griffin | Feb 22, 2011

In honor of the start of our 2011 Sticky Faith Learning Cohort today, this post features guest blogger Jason Herman, part of our 2010 Learning Cohort. Jason is the High School Student Minister at the Hills Church of Christ in North Richland Hills, TX.

When I included the question in Sundays lesson, I had no idea what kind of response we would get.

Our small group leaders asked their students, Would you rather receive a $200 gift certificate to your favorite store, or spend a weekend of quality time with your parents?

We are currently in a high school small group series titled Worth Fighting For. Inspired by Reggie Joiners book Think Orange ((Reggie Joiner, Think Orange (Colorado Springs: David C. Cook, 2009). In his book, Reggie references a series his church did concerning students fighting for their relationship with their parents.)) , the series is designed to challenge students to fight for their relationship with their parents. We often talk about a parents responsibility in that crucial relationship, but fail students by neglecting to dialogue about their role in fighting for a relationship with their parents. While being honest about the messiness and diversity of todays family, we look to the resurrection power of the Father to restore even the most broken of relationships.

So when a parent and small group leader sent me this article, I knew the question had to be included in our discussion about fighting for relationship with parents.

The response from our group revealed about 60% of students preferred time with their parents and about 40% unabashedly said, show me the money. It was a fun discussion, but I think when we dig deep, we find that most teenagers crave quality time with their parents. This was highlighted by an email I received from one of our leaders afterward. During the mornings discussion, one student boldly proclaimed, I would pay my mom $200 if she would spend the weekend with me—she never has time for me.

The tension caused from our over-filled schedules in light of Moses words in Deut. 6 (Talk about [Gods commandments] wherever you are, sitting at home or walking in the street, talk about them from the time you get up in the morning to when you fall in bed at night) makes the challenge of bringing up a generation of God-lovers seem daunting. The question we must ask is: is it worth fighting for?

Brad M. Griffin

Brad M. Griffin is the Senior Director of Content for the Fuller Youth Institute, where he develops research-based training for youth workers and parents. A speaker, writer, and volunteer youth pastor, Brad is the coauthor of over a dozen books, including 3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager, Faith in an Anxious World, Growing Young, several Sticky Faith books, Every Parent’s Guide to Navigating Our Digital World, and Can I Ask That? Brad and his family live in Southern California, where he serves as Pastor of Youth and Family Ministries at Mountainside Communion.

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