Witness Essentials: Evangelism that Makes Disciples

I remember reading a quote from the well-known Out of the Saltshaker by Rebecca Manley Pippert. While I read Pippert’s book over 20 years ago, it stands out as one of the most true statements I’ve heard about evangelism. Pippert says something to the effect that when it comes to evangelism, one of the things that believers and unbelievers have in common is that they both fear it!   

That’s why I’m so glad that Dr. Dan Meyer, senior pastor at Christ Church Oak Brook, has written an important guide geared to help us all better understand how we can naturally and organically share our faith. Since Christ Church Oak Brook was in a past Sticky Faith Cohort, I’ve seen firsthand how the church and its student ministry been changed by Christ to change the world around them. It was a joy to talk with Dan firsthand of some of the opportunities, and mistakes, we make when it comes to sharing our faith.