What’s Bringing Life to My Own Scripture Reading

Last week I had the privilege of speaking about Sticky Faith at a convention of the Forum of Bible Agencies in Orlando.  It was an incredibly encouraging and convicting time, and a reminder of how important Scripture is in our own growth and development.  The team from Reveal at the Willow Creek Association also shared research on how vital engagement in Scripture is for our personal and church growth, which I continue to mull over.

So for the last week, I’ve changed the way I engage in Scripture.  I’ve been practicing Lectio Divina.  Lectio Divina literally means “divine reading,” and is a way of meditating and reflecting on Scripture that can be used individually or corporately.

Every morning I’ve been doing the following as I slowly read through the book of Acts.  (Note:  this might not be the “official” way of doing Lectio but it’s working well for me.)

1.  I read the text and ask myself:  “What does the text say?”

2.  I read the text again and ask myself:  “What does the text say to me?”

3.  I pray in ways that align myself with the meaning and the implications of the text.

4.  I journal about the text.

This slower, more thoughtful, process of engaging in Scripture this past week has helped the Bible be more than something I somewhat “check off” in the morning.  It’s helped me remember, and think about, what I read throughout the day.

I’m not sure how long I’ll be doing this, and I’m wondering:  what are some other ways you’ve found helpful in engaging in Scripture, either on your own or with others?