We get to choose

Photo by Jase Daniels

If you’re a youth worker (especially a suburban youth worker) in the U.S., you’re likely familiar with Youth Specialties (YS).  And if you’ve ever been to a Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention, you’re familiar with Tic Long.

Tic is leaving YS, and it’s hard to see him go.  I greatly appreciated this blog post and I wanted to pass it on to you.  I’ve read it multiple times and it’s inspiring me to think about the choices I can make given what I face.  I love the questions he lists.

I’ve known Tic since I was a high school student.  He blew me away a few years ago when over lunch he asked me a question about something going on in my life in college.  I had almost forgotten about it myself.  But Tic remembered.  And he asked about it.

Can’t wait to see what God has ahead for Tic - and all of us.  And we all have choices to make.