Top FYI Posts of 2012

Photo by Ian Schneider

Like it or not, it’s the time of year for “top” lists. In keeping with the year-end assessment, we looked back on our top posts from FYI and Sticky Faith in 2012 and we’re posting the top five based on your response.

We’re excited for all that is to come in 2013 (like our Every Day curriculum releasing in January!) so please stay connected through our free FYI E-Journal.

  1. What’s FOMO? How is it impacting you and every young person you know? - How the fear of missing out is shaping our use of social media and digital technology
  2. The tools you need to help struggling teens - This article and Part 2 help you walk through crisis with young people without sinking yourself
  3. Is youth ministry in the Bible? - Researching the scripture behind youth and family ministry
  4. How can I help my family disconnect from technology? - Tough question when you look at the stats of how connected we truly are
  5. Strengthening Families - Drawing from new research on how Family Assets support us all

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