Three Reasons Why Coaching Will Help Your Ministry This Year

Nate Stratman | Jan 21, 2014

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If you’re like me, when you think of coaches, you think of guys in too-short polyester shorts with mesh ball caps, holding clipboards and smelling like Icy Hot.

This is not the kind of coach we’re talking about, I promise.

In all honesty, I have been resistant to coaching at different seasons over the years. Most of my resistance had to do with busyness, or being afraid that a coach would tear me down more than they would build me up. It took a long time to get over those obstacles. Now I have come to depend on coaching relationships, which have been an enormous blessing to our youth ministry and to my soul.

I’m excited that FYI is now opening up to a broader audience the coaching that’s been part of the Sticky Faith Cohort process. Here are three reasons why Sticky Faith Coaching could be a fruitful relationship for you this year:

1. Experienced Coaches. The Sticky Faith Coaches are not only people who have been in ministry for many years, but also are leaders who continue to implement Sticky Faith into the life of their own congregations. The coaches will be as quick to share failures and frustrations as they will be to share victories and accomplishments. Each coach has been ingesting and implementing Sticky ideas from the beginning, and they believe in inviting the entire church into the faith development process of young people.

2. Everybody Needs a Spotter. I know that not everyone is a NASCAR fan, but I am always fascinated by how dependent the drivers are on their four spotters who sit way up high in the stands with binoculars. The spotter has a perspective and an angle that the driver does not have. Every driver needs spotters, both rookies and NASCAR legends. Think of Sticky Faith Coaches as a team of ministry spotters. We will be able to hear stories about your journey in creating a “stickier” church and ministry. As we listen, we will be able see some things that may need attention, or we may see huge blessings right beneath your nose that you could not see. Spotters and coaches are not dictators or bosses. They’re teammates.

3. More “Made to Order” than “One Size Fits All.” Every youth ministry is not the same. Every youth minister is not the same. Sticky Faith coaches are wired to recognize the unique attributes of each context and not simply offer a once-size-fits-all curriculum or plan for ministry implementation. For example, there are some broad truths about intergenerational ministry, but these truths and the Sticky Faith research must be implemented in a way that fits the ethos of your church.

If you choose to enter in to a coaching relationship, you will receive prayerful and dedicated attention from someone who is in very similar shoes. This relationship will add great accountability to the process of applying head knowledge from books and conversations to real ministry with the students and families you serve.

Come join us!

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Nate Stratman

Nate Stratman is the Director of Family Ministries at First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is a wannabe farmer with a patient wife and two rascally and beautiful girls. Nate is a big fan of the church, warts and all. Nate is an official Sticky Faith Certified Trainer.

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