This is Your Brain on Multitasking

Photo by Taras Shypka

So I'’ve been a multitasker for as long as I can remember.  Then this week I saw a recent research release by Stanford University News that challenges the effectiveness of multitasking.

I read the article while I was on hold with the DMV and my kids were playing Lincoln Logs in the room with me. Seriously.

I’'m starting to wonder what effect multitasking is having on us.  According to this study, we do tasks more poorly when we’re multitasking.

What are we modeling to teenagers when we talk on the cell phone and check e-mail simultaneously, all while listening to our iPod?

And what is happening to students who are engaged in driving, talking, and texting?  What does that do to their long-term cognitive function?

What do our own kids learn by our modeling of rushing through life, juggling as much as we can?  This latest research from Stanford shows us that these are questions we need to think seriously about and not just blow off because we’re too busy multitasking.

Gotta go. The DMV agent finally picked up the line.