Teens are asking tough questions, often alone. We’re here to help.

Leaders of college-based atheist clubs were recently asked[[Larry Alex Taunton, “Listening to Young Atheists: Lessons for a Stronger Christianity,” The Atlantic, June 6, 2013.]] why they don’t believe in God. Their responses:

  • Many had actually been involved in a youth ministry during their high school years.
  • Their church failed to engage difficult questions.

Specifically, these young people cited the church’s inability to wrestle with issues like the reliability of biblical text, sexuality, evolution/creation, and the exclusivity of Jesus. But notice these students did not say they left the faith because of the stance their church took on the above issues. They left because the church failed to address them at all. When tough questions were asked, the churches would offer vague answers or dodge the questions altogether.

That’s why we are so excited to announce our newest Sticky Faith resource for BOTH leaders and students: Can I Ask That? 8 Hard Questions about God and Faith. It was challenging to write, and challenging for the groups who field-tested these sessions in their own ministries.

We wrote it because of conversations like this:


Teenagers will ask these questions with or without you.

Let it be with you.

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