Taking Rest Seriously

You may have noticed that we seem to care a lot about rest and self-care around here.

You’re right.

We care a lot because as we listen to youth workers from around the country, in urban, suburban, and rural settings, we continue to hear that most folks aren’t resting well.  We don’t make time for it.  We don’t know how to stop.  And as a result, we suffer—not just our bodies, minds, and souls, but in our ministries too.

This month’s E-Journal features the start of a new 4-part series on rest by veteran youth worker and FYI Advisory Council member April Diaz.  We’re excited to share these resources with you to add to your Sabbath-keeping toolbox, because it matters—perhaps more than just about anything else you do in ministry.

So take some time with this first article, then shut down your computer and go find a place to put it into practice!  We pray you’ll make time in the midst of summer chaos to truly rest.