Step Into My Shoes with Compassion: Inviting young people to help release children from extreme poverty

Come, follow me.

It was Jesus’ first invitation to those unlikely characters we meet in the opening of each Gospel account. We know them so well that we forget how that invitation changed everything for the men and women who said “yes.”

For them, and for us.

This is the invitation that awaits us each morning when we rise. It’s the invitation offered whenever we encounter the poor or the stranger, whenever we face a decision, whenever we sense a challenge to deeper discipleship.

Come, follow me.

This invitation is at the heart of a new resource we’ve created in partnership with Compassion International: Step Into My Shoes, Philippines. It’s a unique church-based resource that will take your group on a journey to discover your calling—together.

Discover Step Into My Shoes.

We need other perspectives in order to see the world through Jesus’ eyes, and often it’s by stepping into someone else’s shoes that we begin to be open to a bigger picture of reality than the one we’ve known. We think this is an important part of discipleship.

We also know that not everyone can travel the world in order to get this bigger perspective. So Step Into My Shoes is a resource for groups and entire churches to encounter children, families, and leaders who are part of churches across the globe—no passport required. Specifically, we want to help young people and families take a next step to help release children globally from extreme poverty, in Jesus’ name.  

Our team at FYI believes in the work Compassion is doing internationally, and I have seen personally how Compassion shares our value of partnering with local churches. I’ve had the privilege of traveling with Compassion to the Dominican Republic and, most recently, to the Philippines, to meet pastors, parents, and young adults who are caring for children in their neighborhoods who experience extreme poverty as a daily reality. Below is a video we filmed on site in a community outside Manila where most of the neighborhood’s residents scrape a living from scavenging at a dump. Through following in their footsteps, we learned more about what it looks like for us to follow Jesus in our own context.

I’m so pleased that this resource is now available to churches like yours. Materials for leaders can be downloaded from, and you can also order family kits—complete with virtual reality goggles to watch 360-degree videos—with discussion guides to follow up from the content. While primarily geared toward elementary-aged groups, the group material can be adapted easily for use with middle schoolers.

Here’s a brief glimpse into the experience:

We are all called—to Jesus, to the Church, and to care for others. And we’re called to take a next step, saying “yes” to Jesus each and every day. Join us as we consider how stepping into the shoes of young people in the Philippines might inspire our next steps of obedience—down the street and across the world.
Let's consider how stepping into the shoes of young people in the Philippines might inspire our next steps of obedience—down the street and across the world. (tweet that)