Short Sticky Faith Holiday Video That You Can Share

When Dave and I used to have large groups of folks over for dinners, we used to set up two tables:  the kids table, and the adults table.  (Often, we actually ended up with tables in different rooms, making the separation even more distinct.)  In many ways, that sort of separation makes some sense.  Often adults want to talk about “adult issues” and kids want to be on their own.

But according to our Sticky Faith research, keeping teenagers and adults separate can hamper teenagers’ faith development.  Plus it’s not all that good for the adults’ vitality.  We’ve seen that when churches and families make the effort to integrate folks of diverse ages, all are lifted.

Today in our E-Journal we are sharing this 1.5 minute Sticky Faith Holiday Video.  We hope you can share this video with other parents, grandparents, or leaders to get them thinking about how they can experience more intergenerational relationships even during their holiday gatherings.

Whether real or figurative, there’s nothing like sitting at one big shared table.