Racial/Wealth Gap Widening

Last week those of us who care about justice and seeing all people experience God’s Kingdom shalom got some bad news.  According to a new analysis by the Institute on Assets and Social Policy at Brandeis University, the wealth gap between Anglo-Americans and African-Americans has quadrupled from 1984-2007.    The Institute’s analysis speculates that public policy and persistent discrimination are the potential root causes of this growing gap.

My point in this blog is not to get into a partisan debate about tax policy.  But it is to point out that wealth often begets wealth.  Kids who don’t have the funds to go to college are less likely to experience financial stability than those who do.

I’ve run into a few ministries lately geared toward improving the financial literacy of folks who are raised in low-income contexts.  Some of them are being allowed, and encouraged, to teach in public schools.  I applaud these creative leaders and cheer them on in the name of deep justice.