Question #2 for Frantic Families

Photo by Camilia Damásio

Yesterday I introduced The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family by Patrick Lencioni and I covered the first question Lencioni encourages all families to ask.

Here’s the second question:  What is our rallying cry for the next 2-6 months?

What’s a rallying cry?  According to Lencioni, it’s a goal that your family wants to focus on.  You keep doing all the normal good stuff your family is doing, but you add one additional thing that would make a difference in the quality of life for your family.

Possibilities are:  stay at home more, figure out your finances, eliminate the clutter in your house, and on and on.  A rallying cry might be focused on particular members of your family, such as a kid in the family who you’d like to pay extra attention to for some reason.

I’m not going to share the Powell rallying cry because it involves a member of our family.  But I will share that Lencioni encourages families to write down specific actions they can do to accomplish that rallying cry.  So for example, if your rallying cry is to eliminate the clutter in your house, you might have a garage sale, or agree to not buy anything new without removing something old from your house.

What’s your rallying cry?