Our DAILY bread

Photo by Artur Rutkowski

My kids love summer Wednesdays because my church, Lake Avenue Church, does a Wacky Wednesday series that lives up to its name.  This summer, my church is wisely offering Wednesday evening parent training meetings.

A few nights ago, our Director of Worship and the Arts, John Stothers, facilitated a 90 minute prayer time based on the Lord’s Prayer.   He reminded us that Jesus invites us to ask for our “daily” bread (Matthew 6:11).

Not monthly or yearly bread.

And not even weekly bread.

Daily bread.

In today’s turbulent economic times, I’m grateful that many of us reading this e.mail will have enough “bread” today.  Maybe in a spirit of justice, God wants us to turn around and be the answer to prayer of someone less fortunate who is wondering how God will provide their bread today.