One Great Year

Photo by Jakob Owens

Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary as FYI.  Looking back on the past year’s efforts at rebranding, launching an all-new website and blog, increasing our E-Journal releases to monthly offerings, building up our Facebook group (and most recently our new FB Page) and more, we’re excited at all God has continued to do through the work of FYI!

This year we also released the Deep Leadership team training curriculum (which will be re-released in print as Essential Leadership in January) and the Deep Justice Journeys missional living curriculum, two resources we’re really proud of.

I’'m struck today with the reminder that none of our work would be possible without the many, many youth workers who regularly contribute to our research and resource development. One of our core values is reciprocal learning between youth workers in the field and researchers in the academy, and we don’t release any book or curriculum without testing it first with many of you.  Way before that, most of our resources are born out of the prompting of folks like you who push us to explore deeper into unexplored waters of ministry and culture.

So…. THANK YOU for your part in this journey!

And just for fun today, here are a few TOP FIVE lists from this year:

Top Five Articles

  1. The Lockbox Theory’s Implications for Your Students
  2. See Jane Deal With Her Body
  3. Riding the Highs and Lows of Teenage Faith Development
  4. A Reminder of an Often-Forgotten Reality
  5. Theological Principles Behind Intergenerational Youth Ministry

Top Five Audios

  1. Chuck Bomar Interview
  2. Derek Melleby Interview
  3. Tony Jones Interview
  4. Efrem Smith Interview
  5. Doug Schaupp on Being White

Top Five Blog Posts

  1. The 85% Statistic is Back—and Pretty Strong Actually
  2. 80/20
  3. The Family Who Eats Together…
  4. Open Source Advocacy…Open Source Youth Ministry?
  5. Conspiring about Advent