My Best 3 Conversations This Week

Photo by Will Stewart

I love summer at Fuller.  Summer at Fuller means way fewer meetings and more time for my research and writing.  This past four days I’ve had even fewer meetings than a normal summer week.  And thanks to the blank space in my calendar I had three great conversations I wouldn’t have been able to have otherwise.  None of them were scheduled but they were the highlights of my week (my apologies to those of you who I had scheduled meetings with and who therefore are implicitly not the highlights of my week).

The first conversation was with two amazing Young Life V.P.s of Field Ministry, Wiley Scott and Angel Ruiz, who were at Fuller for a day.  I ran into them Tuesday morning and they invited me to coffee that afternoon.  With a tiny bit of schedule juggling, I was able to say yes.

The second conversation was with my good friend, Nancy, who came to my house to pick up her son and ended up staying for an extra hour.  We sat outside and watched our kids swim in my pool and had a really good and honest talk about balancing marriage, motherhood, and ministry.

The third was Wednesday night when Dave and I were going to “drop by” another professor’s home, Dr. Pam King, to check out her driveway as we are in the middle of some construction at our house.  Turns out that Pam’s husband, as well as another Fuller faculty member, Dr. Cynthia Eriksson, and her husband were having dinner together.  So we crashed their party and stayed for an hour, instead of the ten minutes we had assumed.

In all three cases, I had space in my calendar because it wasn’t crammed full.

In our recent Urban Youth Worker Self-Care Tool Kit, Dr. Jude Tiersma Watson and Kimberly Williams write about Jesus’ command to love our neighbors as ourselves:  “If I were to literally love my neighbors in the way I love myself then I probably wouldn’t let them sleep when they were tired, would give them more responsibilities and expectations than they could handle, and deprive them of water when they were thirsty.”

I think if I was loving myself as I would want to love my neighbor, my kids, my husband, or my friends, I wouldn’t jam my schedule so far.  I’d have more room for those God moments and God meetings that aren’t scheduled.  I long for that.