5 keys to leading change and helping your church grow young (free workshop)

Jake Mulder | Aug 30, 2017

What’s a recent change you tried to implement that fell flat?

Perhaps it’s something fairly inconsequential, like when I tried to get my three-year-old to willingly leave the toy aisle at Target.

Or maybe it had a bit more gravity to it, like your church moving to an intergenerational worship service that involved drastic shifts in people’s preferred worship style.

Regardless of the issue, have you considered why the change wasn’t received well, and what you might learn for next time?

Consider this leadership truth: People don’t resist change; they resist loss.* The point is that we rarely resist change that benefits us – but it’s the change we perceive to cost us something that we push against most.

As Christian leaders, we live in an era of dramatic and seemingly unprecedented change. Which can come with a lot of associated loss for those we lead.

If change and loss are now the name of the game, how might we better understand and leverage change in our personal and professional lives? How can we lead our congregations toward greater health and commitment to following Jesus? How can we help our churches grow young in a way that doesn’t leave older generations behind?

If you’re intrigued by these questions, I hope you’ll join Kara Powell and me for a FREE Masterclass on Thursday, Sept. 7 as we share:

5 Keys to Leading Change
and helping your church grow young

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On the webinar, we will:

  • Debunk myths about culture change, and address how you can respond proactively and in ways that unite rather than divide your congregation.
  • Invite you into an approach to change that incorporates both theological depth and relevant, practical next steps.
  • Offer keys that can be utilized by any leader, no matter your role (children’s or youth ministry, senior pastor, and everyone in between) or your context (small rural congregation, urban setting, suburban megachurch, or parachurch ministry).
  • Provide a sneak peek into a brand new church assessment tool our team has spent the past year developing that can help your church grow young. This early look will only be available to webinar participants.

*I first heard these wise words from Fuller Seminary leadership guru Scott Cormode, drawing from Harvard leadership expert Ronald Heifetz’ book The Practice of Adaptive Leadership.

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Jake Mulder

Jake Mulder is the Senior Director of Strategy at the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) and Fuller's Executive Director of Leadership Formation Division. As Senior Director of Strategy at FYI, he oversees business administration, coordinates new research, develops resources and trainings, and helps the team think strategically. Jake holds a BA in Business Administration in Finance from Western Michigan University, an MDiv from Fuller Theological Seminary, and is currently pursuing a PhD at Fuller. Passionate about helping individuals and organizations achieve their full potential, he is the coauthor of Growing Young. Prior to joining the FYI team, Jake worked in a variety of ministry and professional roles, including as a Financial Analyst, Youth Pastor in the Reformed Church of America, Ministry Director with Youth for Christ, and missionary with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Europe and Asia. Jake and his family live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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