A Sticky Faith Invitation From Fuller President Mark Labberton


Did you know that Fuller’s President, Mark Labberton, used to be a senior pastor? We sat down with Labberton and asked him to share some of his thoughts about Sticky Faith and especially our yearlong Cohort process.  As a pastor he wondered, How do we do the best job we can serving young people and families?” Calling for a renewal of intergenerational expressions of ministry, Labberton shares concern that youth ministry has been segmented from the congregation as a whole. He sees a great need for Sticky Faith in churches, and wishes that he had had access to our resources when he served as a senior pastor.

If you’re a pastor, have you ever felt as though the youth ministry was like an island drifting somewhere off the coast of the mainland congregation? Or if you’re in youth ministry, perhaps you’ve felt something similar. Our president recognizes that struggle. We get it, too.

Like Labberton, we see the faith development of young people as a congregational formation issue. The Sticky Faith Cohort process invites everyone across the whole community to engage in doing a better job in the ministry we share together among young people.

Through the Sticky Faith Cohort, we strive to inspire change within a church's context to bring lifelong faith to teens. Each year we gather a community of leaders to walk through that process together, and want to invite you to join us. Through the cohort, we give you the resources to create a Sticky Faith culture through a customized breakthrough plan, personalized coaching, research-based webinars, and our two in-person summit gatherings in Pasadena, CA.

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