Interested in joining a Fuller research study?

One of our newer partners in research at Fuller is the Thrive Center for Human Development. They're really great folks, and we share similar strategies of translating research into resources that help those who serve young people.   

One of their current projects is exploring what's known as "relational capacity." In short, they want to know if we're more likely to experience ministry burnout if we exceed a certain number of relationships, or if there are other connections between the number of relationships we hold and our ministry effectiveness. 

Eventually our FYI team will be partnering with the Thrive team to help translate and disseminate this research more broadly.  

If you'd be interested in participating in something like this, please click through the link below. There's an invitation followed by a more thorough explanation of the study. If you participate you'll receive a $25 gift card, and will be entered into a $500 raffle that you can use for your youth ministry.  

Feel free to pass this on to others you know who might be interested! Employed or volunteer youth workers are both welcome to participate. 

Here’s the survey link. 

The password is relcap2013 (just to be sure you’re a real person and not a robot). 

If you have trouble with the survey, please email