How were you impacted by the Sticky Faith Every Day Series?

It’s a new season! 

Easter marked the end of the season of Lent. Resurrection Sunday is the high point of the Christian calendar, and while we’re still soaking in the glory of Christ’s victory over death, it’s a good time to reflect on what happened in our lives and ministries during the past 40 days. 

In January we released the free 8-week Sticky Faith Every Day Curriculum series, in hopes that it might be useful to you during Lent (though it was meant to be useful in any season that works for you). Along the way we’ve heard stories, read tweets, seen pictures, and received emails about the impact of this curriculum and resources series. Thanks to those of you who have shared! We were so pleased that nearly 4,000 folks downloaded the curriculum from all over the world. 

Additional blog posts:

And now that Lent has passed, this week we’re wondering: What difference has it made? 

What little or big changes did you see in students? 

How did you see signs of hope that families engaged the series? 

What impact did the themes of Sticky Faith Every Day have on your ministry overall? 

We’re open to hearing any and all stories, critiques, and brainstorms that came out of this series, whether you used a little or a lot of the material. Please submit a comment below, tweet us at @stickyfaith or @fullerFYI, or send an email to with your story. 

Thanks for being part of the movement!