How can I help my family recover from a post-holiday digital tech hangover?

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If your families are anything like ours, the first few weeks of January can be a brutal awakening. Kids are heading back to school, parents are back at work. And while it was great to let your kids indulge in some extra hours watching movies, playing games, and poking around on devices over the holidays, the game changes quickly.

This post-holiday season can be a little disorienting and headache-inducing, but don’t worry. We have a few free tools and ideas you can put to use this month to help get your family rebalanced and back on track for the new year. Here are five quick resources you can access right now:

1. Set screentime boundaries … together.

Families everywhere are wondering, “How do I know how much time to allow my kids to be on their devices when they’re at home?” The new year is a great time to establish (or re-establish) healthy family media practices. We’ve created a free handy downloadable tool you can use to have a fresh conversation with your family this week.

Boundaries Worksheet

2. Learn how to review apps.

Or better yet, require your kids to complete this handy Request for App form and give you at least 24 hours to make a decision before they download anything. This brief form pushes them to do a little research on things like privacy, sharing, and personal information the app will collect. If you don’t like forms, the questions themselves can help guide a less formal conversation with your teenager.

App Request Form

3. Don’t let gaming game you.

Wringing your hands about the new games your kids acquired this Christmas—or about how much time they’re sinking into playing? Here are ten things every parent should know about gaming to give you a leg up in this game.

4. Draw the age line.

Have a kid under 13 asking to use social media? Here’s an easy way to say no: the law. Read more about why, plus a handful of other tips on making age determinations.

5. Have a good answer to the retort, “That’s not fair!”

Not all kids are ready for the same things at the same time, and that’s doubly true with technology. As your kids are using new technology in this post-holiday season, you might find that one takes care of their device while another is careless, or one makes good choices while another struggles. Here are some tips for navigating this dilemma.

Want more? Our latest parenting book is full guidance for navigating technology with your teens.

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What tips have you found helpful to navigate the post-holiday digital tech hangover?