How Can I Create a Training Rhythm That Works for Our Volunteers?

In our all-new Sticky Faith Launch Kit, we’ve devoted a quarter of the book to volunteer training. No matter the size of your youth ministry, volunteers are key to nurturing a Sticky Faith environment.

This module was written to help you intentionally train your volunteers, including small group leaders, Sunday school teachers, program ministry helpers, retreat counselors, mentors, and anyone else who serves in ministry to young people. You might even want to combine your children and youth ministry teams for these sessions, or you could use the content in both groups separately, making tweaks based on the ministry context.

Here’s a sample from the volunteer module of the Launch Kit:


First things first: You need a training rhythm.

Helping your volunteer team understand and implement Sticky Faith in your church will take time. Move too fast, and they’ll feel lost and discouraged. Move too slow, and they’ll feel bored and lose interest. The right rhythm is one that values their time (they’re volunteers, after all), creates consistency, and yet maintains flexibility.

Your team’s rhythm will certainly vary based on your context, but start by considering what you’re already doing and how well it meets your goals as well as volunteers’ needs. Meeting weekly might help you make faster progress, but the increased time requirement could be too much for your volunteers. On the other hand, meeting once a quarter likely won’t create the consistency or momentum that you need, especially in this season of change … READ MORE