Let's thank the everyday heroes who show up for today's young people.

Brad M. Griffin | Nov 3, 2017

Surrounded by a never-ending cycle of bad news, it can be challenging to listen for the good things happening around us every day. In fact, it takes discipline.

Noticing the people who give.

Naming those who invest kindness.

Calling out the quietly-faithful volunteers who serve when others shy away.

Last year our team invited you into this discipline with us—specifically, the discipline to name adults who invest in young people. We call them Growing Young Heroes.

Thanks to you, we heard story after story of ordinary people making a lifelong impact with teenagers and young adults. People like Hea, who started volunteering in youth ministry as a college student six years ago, and has become known as the leader with a heart for outcasts and kids on the margins. Her faithful pursuit and discipleship has nurtured countless young people toward Jesus.

And people like Myron. We had the joy of meeting Myron earlier this year, and capturing some of his story on film. After investing in hundreds of young people across many decades, Myron passed away a few months ago. His legacy continues to inspire us, and so many others around the country, to move past our reservations and simply offer our faithful presence to young people. In Myron’s words:

“Young people today need, and want, and are looking for adults who will take the time to listen to their stories—without judgment and without criticism.” [Watch Myron’s story.]

We were so inspired by your nominations last year that we want to do it again! This week we are launching our Growing Young Heroes campaign, and we’d love to hear your stories of the real-life heroes around you. The adults who give and serve, often with little recognition. Now’s the time to celebrate their generosity.

Let’s partner to celebrate the heroes: here’s how to win.

This holiday season, we want to partner with you to show gratitude to an amazing adult in your ministry. Join us in celebrating everyday Growing Young Heroes.

We’re giving you a chance to say “thank you” to someone in your church or community who is quietly caring for and shepherding young people. Think about parents, volunteers, mentors, teachers, coaches—anyone who is helping change the way the world sees young people in little or big ways.

1) Complete our nomination form.

You’ll be prompted to share a few details and stories about your nominee. Tell us why this person is amazing, and why you are grateful for their ministry. Please do so by Friday, November 17th.

2) Our team goes to work!

We will go through all of your nominations and select five special heroes to win $100 to Amazon.

3) Share our Christmas blessing with your hero.

We will post a special Christmas blessing for all Growing Young Heroes in December. If your candidate won, we will contact you directly.

Together, we can make the church the best place for young people to grow. Let’s say thanks to the people who are making it true every day all around us!

Nominate a Hero Now

Brad M. Griffin

Brad M. Griffin is the Senior Director of Content for the Fuller Youth Institute, where he develops research-based training for youth workers and parents. A speaker, writer, and volunteer youth pastor, Brad is the coauthor of over a dozen books, including 3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager, Faith in an Anxious World, Growing Young, several Sticky Faith books, Every Parent’s Guide to Navigating Our Digital World, and Can I Ask That? Brad and his family live in Southern California, where he serves as Pastor of Youth and Family Ministries at Mountainside Communion.

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