Celebrating our Growing Young Heroes this Christmas

This season, we celebrate you.

You who drive across town every Friday to bring snacks to youth group and talk about Jesus with a cluster of 13-year-old boys.

You who, in the midst of financial struggle, continue to cheer at basketball games, sing at birthday parties, and comfort at funerals.

You who lift up students in trouble, showing them God’s unconditional love.

You who see immense value in teenagers and young adults, speaking grace and truth when everyone else has turned away.

You, our Growing Young Heroes.

This November, we asked our tribe of leaders and parents to tell us about the adults in their communities who are showing up for today’s young people. Stories poured in about your courage, faithfulness, energy and boundless love.

You come from all seasons of life. You’re single; you’re married. You have small children; you have grandchildren.

So what makes you a hero? You love young people extraordinarily well. And we are so grateful for you.

Thank you for showing teenagers and young adults what it means to follow Jesus. For leading them through tumultuous years of discovering who they are and where they belong. For encouraging them to raise their doubts and share their hopes. For sitting with them even when their friends shut them out. 

In showing up for young people, you’re showing up for us. You’re making an impact as you equip them with lifelong faith and unleash them to change the world.

Merry Christmas from all of us at FYI!